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Week 8 - Mime

No description

Liam Cusack

on 7 May 2014

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Transcript of Week 8 - Mime

The origins of mime
A History of Mime
Mime is a constantly evolving art form, taking influences from all over the world
It is the year 2050AD
You are a robot and have just crash landed on a strange planet. With your robot partner you must rebuild your ship using snap, flowing and isolation mime.
- What are the types of mime we looked at today?
- How can you make mime effective?
Let's begin!!
What are you
It is the art of portraying characters and acting out situations or a narrative by gestures and body movement without the use of words.
Primitive Times
Mime is one of the earliest forms of expression. Before there was language... There was mime!
Mime was used frequently in ancient Australian Aboriginal dream time stories.
Ancient Romans
The 'true' beginning of mime with the Theater of Dionysus in Athens, where masked actors performed outside in daylight.
Italian Theater
The beginnings of Commedia dell'Arte, a form a street art where actors would wear masks with over exaggerated features.
Modern mime
1800's onwards
There have been two types of mime emerge in the modern era:
Literal mime: used for comedy and story theater
Abstract mime: used to generate feelings and thoughts towards a serious topic
Charlie Chaplain
One of the original silent film, mime actors. Ignore the music in this video, he was a silent film actor!!!
Marcel Marceau
Created the 'modern outfit' for the mime with his famous character Bip.
Blends of Mime
Mime continues to be a popular forms of entertainment world wide, as it does not need language!
Walking with purpose!
1 - walk around the room normally
2 - kicking leaves
3 - through sticky mud
4 - walking through waist high jelly
5 - walking on hot coals
6 - waist high water, being chased by a SHARK!!
Collisions Freeze Frame
Snap Mime
Imagine somebody has just called out your name to tell you a ball is heading straight towards you!! You can only move parts of your body at a time.
Snap mime passing a ball between the two of you.
Flowing Mime
You are a bird
One person is the kite, the other is the person holding the kite
Now you are the waves lapping the shore
Isolation Mime:
Drinking a glass of water
Brainstorm the different section of picking up a glass, drinking water, and putting the glass down. Snap freeze in between each movement
Mime is generally considered as one of the earliest forms of self-expression. Before spoken language begun, mime was used typically to communicate between the primitive races of people. Today, mime has became a form of entertainment.
Medieval Theater
Greek comedies and tragedies were performed through mime
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