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The Process: An Overview

No description

UNC Launch

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of The Process: An Overview

How to Get There
College 101
Why go to College?
"An investment in knowledge
pays the best interest."

-Benjamin Franklin
"Going to college" might sound good, but how do you decide what college is right for you?
Where do I start?
How much college tuition costs:
How do I pay for it?
You're in a room full of college students - take advantage!
We'd love to get to know you.

Start the Journey!
Getting on Track
Challenge yourself!
AP, Honors, and Community College Courses
Choose classes that you're interested in.
If you're worried about a bad grade, explain it! Colleges are understanding.
What classes do I take?
Scary Stuff:
Standardized Testing
SAT vs. ACT: Taken by fall of senior year
Math, Critical Reading, Writing
Tends to be More Vocabulary-oriented
English, Math, Reading, Writing & Science
Questions are More Straight-forward
Fee waivers available! (for AP exams, too!)
Sports, Clubs, and Jobs, Oh My!
Community College: $3,100
Public College: $8,600
Private College: $30,000
Federal Financial Aid
How do I get it?
FAFSA or CSS Profile
Submitted Online after Jan. 1
Requires a Social Security Number, tax returns, income info
Parental help!
Private Financial Aid
How do I get it?
School Scholarships
From Individual Banks
What will they give me?
Work Study
Money that you never have to pay back!
Money that you DO have to pay back - plus more.
Money that you earn with a job on campus.
What should I look for?
"Meet 100% of Demonstrated Need"
Scholarship Databases
High School Counselors
FAFSA/ CSS Profile Information
Ways to Pay
What do you want in a college?

Now, use your resources to look for colleges that have that!
Academic Interests
Campus Life & Extracurriculars
Career Choice
There are all kinds of colleges,
and they all offer
different programs.
Community vs. Traditional (4 year)
Transfer programs
Private vs. Public
Location: How close to home?
Size: Advantages of big schools vs. small schools
Narrowing the Field
Considering Your Interests
Resources for your Quest
But wait...There's more!
Important Deadlines!
Your Senior Year
What do you do?
For More Information...
Know your resources.
High school guidance counselor
Your teachers
Collegeboard.com free practice tests
Average yearly earnings of high school graduate without a college degree:

Average yearly earnings of a college graduate:
It's a Good Time
Fewer Classes - that you can choose
Meeting New People
Studying Abroad
Extracurricular Activities
It Makes Cents
The Foundation
for your Future
Higher education is the key to achieving your dreams!
Who do you want to be?
Source: US Census Bureau
Why it's fun:
In Class,
Out of Class...
It all matters!

Factors to Consider
The choice is up to you!
Your Guidance Counselor
College Tours
Online Information
Email Sign-Ups
College Representatives to your High School
College Books
Letters of Recommendation
Extracurricular Activities List
1-3 from Teachers, Coaches, Employers, etc.
Be yourself! And re-use them.
Clubs, jobs, sports, church, anything!
October-November: Early Action/Decision

January: Regular Decision

*Rolling Admissions: Vary by College
Independent Scholarships
Databases online
Athletic, Merit, Need-based
How do I
Make colleges aware of what you do outside of class too!
Quality vs. Quantity
Build skills for the future

Same application can be sent to multiple schools
Waivers are available if you're eligible

Some schools do not accept Common App, or require additional materials
Check College Board or college websites
The Application
Common Application
Supplemental Application
How do I apply?

1. Applications 101
2. But wait...There's more!
3. Important Deadlines!
Other Options: ROTC
No Social Security Number
or documentation needed!
Y'all deserve a break...
Source: College Board
Have questions? Talk to us!
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