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Good bye Tamara!

No description

nadine cole

on 27 June 2013

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Transcript of Good bye Tamara!

Don't cry for us, dear Tamara!
The truth is we'll never forget you
When one door closes,
another one always opens....
But we'll miss you badly!

Tamara about getting up
super early for our
phone conferences
Lots of love from Karin...
It was a pleasure
working with you :)

All the best from
the SOS ICOM network

Best wishes from India...
“Dear Tamara, It was really great to have you as part of ICOM network. Although, we have never met but have heard each other.
Wish You lots of good luck in your new assignment and best wishes. Do stay in touch!”

Ganesha Lord of New Beginnings
and the Remover of Obstacles…
It shall give you strength.
...and greetings from Johanna!
„Even though we don’t
know each other,
I wish you all the best
for your future!“

.... and from EUCB
You'll always stay
in my heart, querida <3
And finally from Nadine....
You'll be doing great!
Memories will stay forever
'Sure, 12am your times is fine!
I'll get up at 6am and login from
home, I really don't mind - I'm always
happy to hear your voices and be
able to join the ICOM calls!'
Ganesha Lord of New Beginnings and
the Remover of Obstacles
May it bring you good luck!
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