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Brendan Marks

No description

Susan Baker

on 3 May 2018

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Transcript of Brendan Marks

Brendan Marks
Neur Tribe
Sudan is located in the lower east providince of the Nile. Lower of the equator which admits most of the heat. Sudan is located south of Egypt, east of Chad and north of Kenya, Uganda and the Domincan republic
The Sudan flag stands for many things like...
represents the black African people of Southern Sudan.
represents Sudan peace for which many lives have been lost.
represents agricultural potential exemplified by the fertile soil and rich equatorial vegetation adorning the Southern Sudan countryside.
represents the River Nile, which is the main source of life not only in the Southern Sudan
represents the blood of the gallant freedom and justice fighters who have been lost in the many years of conflict.
Archelogist have been studying Neur tribe for a while and tradtion's in the Neur culture have pointed that the tribe is at least 200 years old.
The 2 tribes have been in a feud for decades nd even centries.
Traditional facts
The neur believe in many gods. That includes rules of sacrficing goods food and even family members
The Neur believe that the tougher men in the tribe should go threw scarifaction which is a painful process.
It is believed that the Neur and Dinka were once one tribe.
The Problem with the tribe in the past 30-40 years is that more corrupt leaders come into power and use it for their own, but that messes up both the Neur and Dinka tribe.
Home, Food ,and clothes
The people of Sudan would wear loose fitting clothes that would comfort their body temperature.
They mainly build their houses out of mud and we it rained there was a chance of the house collapsing on the poor family inside.
The Food is mainly depended on which animal is abundant in the area.
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The star represents the unity to all all the neighboring country's
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