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Richa Elangovan

on 8 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

By: Richa, Afrah and Pema 'Studded with Neon' suggests how the evening bazaar is filled up with bright vibrant lighting , its studded with them like jewelery or stars in the sky and beautiful imagery of the scene.

Unknown Girl Annotations 'In the evening bazaar for a few rupees' suggests that its cheap in India and the words 'bazaar' and 'rupees' makes it feel like an whole indian story which makes the reader feel like back at home. The repetition of 'unknown girl' is to make her standout as she's an example of the cultural difference yet the same girl reminds her of the connection she's got with the culture. She's used a symbol. 'My shadow stitched kameez' the writer uses alliteration to show how the satin cloth has some beautiful designed traditional prints on it, it makes it sound beautiful by words.

'A peacock spreads its line across my palm' the metaphor for the design makes the whole henna design on her palm come to life and spreading the lines, couldn't indicate the spreading of culture into her flesh. 'I'm clinging to these firm peacock lines' suggests that she's holding and gripping on tight to the connection of Indian culture This desperation is represented by the simile like people who 'cling' to the sides of the train which is again only seen and done in India 'Colours leave the street' Shows that the sun is setting and that its getting darker colours, and the which could be a metaphorical representation of the sunlight. The 'balloons' would be aa metaphor for celebration 'Dummies in shop front' Ironic that as the western aspect is present in an Indian culture which shows the contrast in culture, so different but close by. 'Tilt and stare' this personifies the 'dummies' to show as if its constantly being watched and connected to her western culture as well ‘Now the furious streets are hushed.’ Moniza uses personification to show how harsh and angry the streets were and there is a shift in tone. The sibilance also emphasizes the silence. The tone becomes quiet as the day is ending. ‘I’ll scrape off the dry brown lines before I sleep’ She uses a harsh verb, ‘scrape’ to describe removing the excess henna left on her hand. ‘Reveal soft as a snail trail the amber bird beneath.’ The sibilance is gentle and soft and the sibilance also emphasizes the softness of her palm after hennaing. The internal rhyme, ‘snail trail’, also emphasizes the softness. ‘Amber bird beneath’ is a metaphor for how beautiful the henna design is and the alliteration of ‘b’ further emphasizes how beautiful her palm was. 'She squeezes a wet brown line from a nozzle' the words 'squeezes' and 'nozzle' remind us of a icing bag, a cold tasty layer. 'She is icing my hand' gives us a cold feel, indicating how she feels about it being applied yet the sense of an icing bag shows the brighter side of it being applied. 'Which she steadies with hers' the writer makes the whole scene feel relaxed and calm as the 'unknown girl' is confidently applying the design and she isn't nervous but applying steadily To add to the calm atmosphere the writer starts to describe the clothing of the 'unknown girl'. 'On her satin-peach knee' describing the colour of er clothes. The satin shows the soft, smooth, silky and delicate material which blends in well with 'unknown girls' relaxed personality. 'I have new brown veins' the 'brown veins' could be a metaphor for indian culture which is now part of her and her blood'. ‘It will fade in a week.’ She thinks the henna will fade like her memories and it will also take her away from the Indian culture so basically what she means is the feeling of connecting to a culture is temporary. ‘When India appears and reappears’ the feeling of being connected to India will re-surface during her life. ‘I’ll lean across a country with my hands outstretched longing for the unknown girl in the neon bazaar’ this is a metaphor she uses to find the unknown girl to henna her hand again and also a metaphor for describing how she will reach out to connect again to the people. This poem ends in a desiring tone. The structure of this poem represents the henna on her hand because the poem is aligned on the middle of the page rather than on the left hand side and this catches the reader’s eye. The repetition of ‘an unknown girl hennaing my hand’ shows how Moniza’s relationship with the unknown girl is quite strong even though she is stranger. There is no specific rhyme scheme and this reflects how the unknown girl is hennaing Moniza’s hand like a waterfall flowing down the mountain.
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