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Putting in the Seed

No description

Annika Ellenbogen

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Putting in the Seed

Metaphors- The Meaning
"You come to fetch... the table"
Setting the gender role (woman is keeping the house/ man is at earning food)
typical gender roles in nature
"If i can... wrinkled pea"
apple tree- allusion to adam and eve (sin)
they break away from regular househould duties
"And go along... Putting in the Seed"
making love - happens all the time in nature
"On through that... tarnishes with weed"
'when all seems lost'
the couple is waiting for the baby
all animals do this
"The sturdy seedling... the earth crumbs"
The baby is born
LOTS of imagery
babies are natural
Putting in the Seed
By Robert Frost

Iambic Pentameter
contains a pattern like nature
Shakesparean Sonnet
flowing like nature
Capitalization of "Putting in the Seed","Love", and "Springtime passion".
These are all

for making love
Short poem
nature is simple
White is pure and clean while night is dark and dirty. All of these adjectives occur in nature.
Burying typically stand for death. Birth typically stands for life. Both life and death also occur naturally
Babies are smooth, so smooth can stand for youth. The elderly are wrinkled, so wrinkled can stand for old age. Both youth and old age are a part of the circle of life, a natural cycle.
Metaphors- The Title
Putting in the Seed

planting seeds
making love

Metaphors- The Literal Meaning
The poem is
about a woman who comes to tell a man his supper is ready. She gets distracted working with the man. They discover they both enjoy planting and watching the seeds grow.
Robert Frost emphasizes the theme the process of birth us natural through structure, antonyms, and metaphors.
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