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The girl who owned a city

No description

Katrina L

on 29 February 2016

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Transcript of The girl who owned a city

The Girl Who Owned a City
Chapter 1
The main idea in chapter one was that all the adults were gone and all that was left was children under the age of 12. While some kids formed gangs and stole from other children the younger kids would just starve to death. Rich kids would have years of supply and poor kids slowly died.
Lisa a 10 year old girl struggling with survival has to protect her younger brother Todd and get food for her brother and herself.
She breaks into a house and finds a letter. The letter was written by the father of a boy about the age of 11 or 12 the letter was written by his father to him before he passed away. It wrote about all the misery during the plague and that all neighbors and most of all the adults have to get a vaccine from his father's friend called Dr. Coffman. Because his son is close to the unsafe age of the disease and he has a chance of being infected.
Chapter 2
In chapter 2 Lisa and Todd are both not used to their new life. Jill a young girl blocks her path and asks for a portion of Lisa's spare. Many kids are starving because they don't have the help of adults. Lisa talks about her new life and how money was once valuable now it meant nothing. There was no running water or electricity and life seemed difficult. All the things they had once taken for granted were gone. Lisa's only family member left is her brother Todd. Everyday she gives Todd an unloaded gun in the morning when Todd goes out to do his morning duties. The unloaded gun couldn't shoot but at least it could scare other kids away. Before she goes to bed she thought of an idea, an idea that should have been thought of a long time ago, and she hopes no one has already thought of this.
Chapter 3
Lisa once belonged to many things those things included being a daughter, a Girl Scout, a fifth grader, a daughter, a friend. But now she was only a sister to Todd. She hurries to prepare for her trip. Yesterday night she had thought of a great idea and her idea was to ride her bike to a nearby farm.
She gets her wagon and bike then she takes off. She realizes that some rules don't exist anymore. For example she doesn't need to worry about looking both sides when crossing a road because there are no people that drive cars anymore. She finds a letter written by the owner of the farm: Winifred Crowl the letter tells the kids to be brave and take over this farm.
Chapter 4
In this chapter Lisa's car tires were flattened and she and Todd had to pump them up again. They made a new trap for trespassers; if an intruder broke through the thread, the rock would fall and topple the cans. The sound of clattering cans would be their alarm. Lisa goes to Julie's house but only to find her sick and lying in her bed. Lisa suggests Julie to eat vitamins but Julie doesn't accept Lisa's offer because her mom used to tell her Vitamins were bad. But now Julie's mom was gone and she wasn't there to make meals for Julie. Lisa finds out that Charlie (Julie's brother) has been stealing from her and that he had joined the gang. Lisa feels mad but she pities Julie and she gives then a bag of food. Lisa argues with Charlie telling him that stealing from others is not okay even if your sister is really sick and you only have Halloween candy and crackers for each meal.
Chapter 5
In chapter 5 Lisa has a meeting with the neighborhood kids and asks then if they could form a strong militia to protect the Granville avenue. However other children have other ideas and none of them were supporting the Militia. Charlie wants to form gangs and steal from other people while Craig wants to grow food. Lisa waits for her turn patiently and when it came to her turn she shares her strategy with the others and asks Craig to be the leader of their new Militia.
Chapter 6
In Chapter 6 Lisa starts to trust Craig and she tells her to come with her to the secret Place also known as Jewelery Grocery Warehouse. At first Craig doesn't trust Lisa and her driving but as soon as they entered the warehouse a flush of excitement came to them,for they saw huge amounts of supplies and they were overwhelmed. Lisa made a deal with Craig that she took all the canned chicken soup and Craig got asparagus soup. After that they picked up some treats like chewing gum, marshmallows, Popcorn, pop and candy bars.
Pictures of the novel
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