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the outsiders

No description

Vianey Velasquez

on 4 June 2013

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Transcript of the outsiders

Vianey Velasquez EXPOSITION Rising Action *Dally gives them money, a loaded gun, and a hideout in an abandoned church in Jay Mountain.
*The boys disguise themselves by cutting their hair.
*After a few days Dally visits them and takes them out to eat, telling them that the gangs have gotten worse since Bob's death.
*The church is caught on fire with kids inside causing Pony and Johnny to rescue them, burning timber falls on Johnny, breaking his back.Dally saves Johnny, and all of them go to the hospital.

*Ponyboy is jumped by some Socs and is saved by his older brothers, Darry and Soda.
*Dally, Pony, and Johnny meet 2 Socs, Cherry and Marcia in a drive-in movie theater.
*The Socs's boyfriends, Bob and Randy find the girls with the Greasers assuming they picked them up. The girls leave with their drunk boyfriends to avoid a fight. *Pony and Johnny fall asleep in the lot.
*Pony comes home late(2am.) and causes Darry to hit him. Pony runs away with Johnny to the park to calm down where Bob, Randy and their gang find them.
*After Randy tries to drown Pony, Johnny accidentally stabs Bob, killing him.
*Pony and Johnny go to Dally for help. CLIMAX The Outsiders
*Ponyboy Curtis: The youngest Curtis brother, 14 years old, gets good grades and runs track. He is the narrator.
*Sodapop Curtis: The middle Curtis brother, 16 years old, a high school dropout who works at a gas station.
*Darrel "Darry" Curtis: The oldest of the Curtis brothers, 20 years old, has been caring for his brothers since their parents died in a car crash.
*Dallas "Dally" Winston: The roughest of the Greasers, who lived on the streets of New York City for three years.
*Keith "Two-Bit" Mathews: A wise-cracking kleptomaniac.
*Steve Randle: Sodapop's best friend since grade school.
*Johnny Cade: Ponyboy's best friend, 16 years old, lives with his alcoholic and abusive mother and father.
*Tim Shepard: A "hood" that helps the gang win the rumble. Characters
GREASERS: *Sherri "Cherry" Valance: Bob's girlfriend, attends the same high school as Ponyboy. The “spy” of the Greasers.
*Marcia: Cherry's best friend.
*Robert "Bob" Sheldon: Cherry's boyfriend, he is stabbed by Johnny.
*Randy Adderson: Bob's bestfriend and Marcia's boyfriend.
* David: A member of Bob and Randy's gang, he tries to drown Ponyboy in the fountain. THE SOCS: *Setting: Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1960s
FALLING ACTION *In the hospital, Darry cries, Pony realizes that Darry does care about him.
*The gang then tells Pony that he, Johnny, and Dally are know heroes and that there will be a rumble between the Greasers and Socs.
*The Greasers win, after the rumble, Dally and Pony visit Johnny.Dally tells him they won, and Johnny dies only to say "Stay Gold, Ponyboy."
*Pony tells the rest of the gang, meanwhile Dally robs a store and is killed by the police. RESOLUTON *Ponyboy faints and stays sick and delirious for almost a week. While recovering, he tries to convince himself that Johnny is not dead and that he is the one who killed Bob.
*He opens up Gone with the Wind, finding a letter from Johnny
telling him he can be what he wants to be and to "stay gold." He also states that he will die proudly because he gave his life for others.
*Pony decides to write about the events that recently happened for a theme in English class, about something important.
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