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A Multi-Pronged Approach to Recruiting in India

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Girish Ballolla

on 14 November 2013

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Transcript of A Multi-Pronged Approach to Recruiting in India

A Multi-Pronged Approach to Recruiting in India
Jorge Delgado, George Washington University
Girish Ballolla, Gen Next Education, Inc.
High-Context Society
You need to build trusting relationships with multiple constituents:
Administrators, Counselors, Parents, Students

You need to build a brand and a network around that brand

You need to provide consistency, reliability and credibility to the brand
To successfully recruit in India
Making sporadic trips to India to build relationships

Attending education fairs with limited time in each city

Hiring commission based agents and hoping that they can represent you accurately
Traditional approaches don’t work
Colorful and noisy
Quick to make promises that cannot be relied on
Casual on meeting times and deadlines
Family oriented
Relationships based on close ties built over time
Much is implicitly understood from context
People adopt a low-context facade
What are other schools doing?
So what works?
Relationships with high schools
Developing a solid relationship with high schools through repeat interactions with counselors, administration and students.
One-on-one/Small group visits where you have the time to share your story and understand each school’s culture, needs etc.

Alumni involvement
Identifying and utilizing your local alumni to help with recruiting
Leveraging successful alumni careers through media promotions, events, receptions etc.
A multi-pronged approach
Current student/parent ambassadors
Hosting receptions to allow for interaction with students/parents with prospective candidates and their parents
Remember, you have to recruit parents first!

Counselor visits to campus
Inviting select high school counselors for on-campus visits
Counselors provide continuity

Short term programs/camps
Hosting high school/college students for short term experiences, summer camps, specialized programs etc.
Sir Winston Churchill, March 18, 1931
India is an abstraction.... India is no more a political personality than Europe. India is a geographical term. It is no more a united nation than the Equator
High school student visit, akin to College Visits
Host groups of self-selected high school students on campus
Highly interested, strong affinity and can afford overseas study

Case study competitions
Develop case study competitions with a group of select high schools
Include current students/faculty on campus as mentors

Training and development
Help train high school teachers

If a cab driver tells you he's right around the corner, you
Run down to the hotel lobby
Slowly make your way down
Take a 20 minute nap

If someone tells you YES, it will be done, what does he/she mean?
Haven’t figured it out yet!

Tours (CIS, India Calling etc.)
Targeted UG, fosters counselor interaction
Fairs (Linden, IIE etc.)
Creating and promulgating a brand
Individual Travel
Develop expertise in the region
Small Group Travel (India Calling)
Allows for intimate interaction
Know Your Audience
Travel Strategy
Understanding student's search parameters
Desired programs, strength of school, destination
Understanding parent's search parameters
Know Your Competition
Canada, Singapore and Indian (growing) market

Canada: Cost and work opportunities
Singapore: Proximity and growing recognition of programs
India: Cheap AND Close - access continues to be an issue
A quick quiz about India
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