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Blind dogs and Englishmen – ancient wisdom about communication for technologists (IntranetNow London, 2017)

A short keynote for Intranetnow on some of the more interesting aspects of change and how to improve how you deal with difference. Influenced by numerous poets, writers, scientists and philosophers and built on Scott's scientific and consulting work

Scott McArthur

on 25 July 2018

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Transcript of Blind dogs and Englishmen – ancient wisdom about communication for technologists (IntranetNow London, 2017)

(ancient wisdom
about communication
for technologists)
"Opinions are like nails: the harder you hit them, the deeper inside they go"
Organisations are always evolving. This suggests that they are always in conflict with themselves. Truth manifests in that conflict, but that truth is unstable and as a consequence always on the move. That is a leader's greatest dilemma and opportunity.
Written by Scott D. McArthur & included in his 2017 keynote, "Getting the air right - leading in the 21st century"
“We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works.”
Blind dogs and Englishmen
Technical &
Estimation Problems

Do you trust me?
"The social brain is in its natural habitat when we're talking with someone face-to-face in real time"
Daniel Goleman
The technological equivalent of "adaptive radiation"?
"listening is touching at a distance"
From "Becoming Wise" by Krista Tippett
Attention blindness
Debate v Dialogue
ChangeMy View
“purposeful stupidity"
Weaponised HR!
Q Focus & Re-express
Points of agreement
Sustained progress
Rapoport's Rules
Decimus Junius Juvenalis, Stoic meditation
(3rd century BCE)
I also doubt science or technology will ever discover a better communication device than the cigarette break!
“Thanks, I wish I’d thought of putting it that way"
"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place"

George Bernard Shaw

+44 7807 646 508
Scott's TEDx talk, "Why facts don't change people"
Images by @Wedge
Images by @Wedge
Full script for this talk can be see here:
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