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Home Networking

presentation about home networking.

Awesome Awesomer

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Home Networking

Home Networking Routers are not necessarily required to build a network. For example, you can connect two computers directly to each other with just a cable (or without wires in some cases). Home routers offer convenience and easier maintenance as your network grows. The ability of a network router to share your Internet connection throughout the residence is a key selling point of these boxes. Internet connection sharing can be set up without a router using alternative methods, but once again, having a router greatly simplifies the task. share files between computers share an internet connection share a printer connect your game console home networks allow you to do many things such as : using a router simplifies home networking to protect your network it is key to protect each computer in it tips for securing your home computer: network protection routers the following video shows how a network is made using a router uses of a home network rtertertertertertert Networks can also be build without a router, simply using a cable. virus protection software

be careful of what you download! it is important to secure your network! share pictures how networks work what a home network can look like why? any questions?
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