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Copy of Copy of Chinese Food Culture

No description

Anne Leung

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Copy of Chinese Food Culture

Chapter 1
Chinese Food Culture

Shark fin soup
Served at special occasions like weddings, banquets, and New Years celebrations
Considered one of the eight treasured foods from the sea
Traditional Chinese delicacy associated with prosperity, honor, and good fortune
Shark fins are tasteless and only provide texture
Chinese Dietary Culture
Staple foods
Rice Porridge
Flour-based food
Commonly used vegetables are used in Chinese cuisine
Eaten at almost every meal
Prefer cooked rather than raw
Meat, Fish and Poultry
Eat all animals' meat
Pork is the most commonly consumed meat
Rarely eat any raw meat
Prepared in various ways
Also called bean curd
Has very little flavor and smell
Taste comes from absorbing flavors of the dish it is prepared with
Ginger and garlic are the most commonly used ingredients for flavoring
Garlic is mostly used in stir fried dishes
Ginger is popular in Cantonese dishes
Sauces and condiments
Soy Sauce
Light and dark soy sauce
Dark soy sauce mainly used for cooking and seasoning meat
Light soy sauce is served as dipping sauce
Oyster sauce
Commonly used for stir-fried noodles
Can be used as a topping for some dishes
Sesame oil
Two types: light and dark
Lighter one used as salad dressing or for sautéing
Darker one used as a flavor accent
Bird's nest soup
Made with the nest of swifts
One of the most expensive animal products
Believed to provide health benefits such as aiding digestion, improving voice and focus, and an overall benefit to the immune system
the VERY important part of Chinese Traditional Culture
Three Essential Factors
the layout and design of the dishes.
the smell of the dish
the freshness of the materials
the blending of seasonings
proper seasoning
fine slicing techniques
[mín yǐ shí wéi tiān]
Hunger breeds discontentment;
Food is the first necessity of the people.;
Food is god for the people.;
Food is No. l need.;
The masses regard sufficient food as their heaven.
used for judging Chinese cooking
Dozens of Cooking Methods
Dishes made in different methods
How does a Chinese Kitchen Look like?
Steamed rice
Fried rice
Chinese dumplings
Steamed buns
Non-staple Food
Fish is popular especially in eastern China.
Herbs and seasonings
Eight Major Cuisines
Cantonese cuisine
Szechuan cuisine
Anhui cuisine
Shandong cuisine
Fujian cuisine
Jiangsu cuisine
Hunan cuisine
Zhejiang cuisine
Regional Differences
Cantonese cuisine
The most widely available Chinese regional cuisine outside of China
Adventurous palate
Tasting clear, light, crisp and fresh
Steaming and stir-frying
The artistic presentation of dishes
Famous for Dim sum
Szechuan cuisine
one of the most famous Chinese cuisines in the world
characterized by its spicy and pungent flavor
emphasizes on the use of chili, pepper and prickly ash
wild vegetables and animals are usually chosen
Sichuan hot pots, especially Yuan Yang Hotpot
Jiangsu Cuisine
also called Huaiyang Cuisine
aquatics as the main ingredients
carving techniques are delicate
stresses the freshness of materials
the flavor of Huaiyang Cuisine is light, fresh and sweet and with delicate elegance
not too spicy nor too bland
Shandong Cuisine
clear, pure and not greasy
characterized by its emphasis on aroma, freshness, crispness and tenderness
shallot and garlic
Luxury Food in China
Serving Order
Cold dishes
Hot dishes
Staple food
Fruits and snacks
What's missing?
Every group elects a representative
Representatives use chopsticks to pick peanuts from one bowl to another as many as possible in 1 minute.
The group which picks the most peanuts wins
A Bite of China
BBC: Exploring china: a culinary adventure
Reflection & group discussion
1. Animal Abuse & Species Extinction
2. Food Shortage vs food wastage
3. Food Safety Problems
mainly: fry, stir fry, boil, steam
pressure cooker
gas stove
microwave oven
electric cooker
earthen pot
numerous in variety
generally boiled
served with sauce or other accompaniments, or in soup
often with meat and other ingredients
typically consists of
a ground meat
and/or vegetable filling
wrapped into a thinly rolled piece of dough
Baozi: with fillings
Mantou: without
either salty or sweet
generally made with dough
Shark fin soup
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