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Section 5.1 The Cell Cycle

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Joseph Porco

on 26 September 2015

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Transcript of Section 5.1 The Cell Cycle

Vocabulary Check
is the division of the nucleus and its contents.
The Big Picture
6. How does the surface area-to-volume ratio limit cell size?
The Big Picture
5. Do all cells take the same amount of time to divide? Explain.
Any Questions?
Take a moment and use a colored pencil, a highlighter, a marker, etc. to highlight each sentence that has vocabulary words in bold print:
Section 5.1 The Cell Cycle
cell cycle
2. The
cell cycle
is a pattern of growth, DNA duplication, and division.
3. The division of the cytoplasm is called
The Big Picture
4. During which stage of the cell cycle is DNA copied?

S Phase (synthesis)
No. Different types of cells take different amounts of time to divide. Also, children's cells divide faster than adult's cells.
A cell needs enough surface area to transport nutrients IN and wastes OUT. If the cell gets too big, there's not enough surface area to aequately transfer the amount necessary.
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