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James Naismith Biography

No description

elisha ahmad

on 11 November 2013

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Transcript of James Naismith Biography

James Naismith Biography
Wondering who that is? well James Naismith
was the person who invented basketball.
Why he invented basketball?
In 1891, while working as a teacher at the YMCA
international training school in Springfield he was asked to look for a way to help relieve his students boredom during indoor winter gym classes.
How he invented it.
Naismith was Inspired by a game he played as a child called duck-on-a-rock. Naismiths Basket-ball then became popular in the united states very quickly and spread to other countries too.
was published in December 15Th 1891. Then On January 15 1892 Naismith published the rules of the game!
Basket-ball became popular in the united states very quickly. Basketball was then added to the olympics at the year 1936 summer olympics.
Why was he working at the YMCA.
Naismith though to himself about his future and decided that " The only real satisfaction that I would derive from life was to help my follow beings". In 1883 he left for mcgill university. While studying there Naismith was distracted by the YMCA of Montreal and started being a teacher there.
James Naismith: personal life
he was born in Ontario, Canada Naismith was a graduate of McGill university in 1887. He received a degree from gross medical college

Naismith married Maude Sherman in 1894. They had five children. After Maude's death in 1937, He remarried and died six months after. and he also showed us about the foot-ball mask.

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