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Hitler's Secret

No description

dominique brown

on 2 January 2014

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Transcript of Hitler's Secret

Hitlers Secret
Phase 1
Otto: the only man in the group. He the only one that has a gun to protect everyone. A trait is handy because, he knows how to make things to survive the woods. Another trait is brave because he let Leni and Angelika go up the tree first a because of the soldier chasing them.
Leni: she takes care of Angelika when Otto isn't there. Her trait is Caring because she cares for Angelika when she couldn"t find her.
Angelika: Hitler's daughter they have to capture so she is safe..
Point of View
Hitler's Secret
By: William Osborne
Author's Purpose
The author purpose is to entertain.
1940 to 1941 in Europe.
The theme is that every mission is dangerous.
The Conflict is Otto,Leni and Angelika running away from Hitlers army trying to kill them for taking Angelika from Hitler.
The theme is that every mission you take is always going to be dangerous.
Leni and Otto are secret spies, to help get Angelika get away.
Protagonists are Otto and Leni.
The exposition is that Leni and Otto had to go on a secret mission.
The rising action is that when they arrive there they have to go and find Angelika. The climax is that they found her but they have to find a way back home to give her to someone so that she is safe.
The falling action is that Hitler has found out that she was gone so he put out his soldiers to find the person who took her away from him.
The resolution is that they where able to get back and they are safe from Hitlers and his soldiers.

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