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The old man and the sea: types of conflicts

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Mahra Al Qassimi

on 12 March 2016

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Transcript of The old man and the sea: types of conflicts

Types of conflicts in The Old Man and the Sea
by Ernest Hemingway

Mahra S
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Types of Conflicts
External Conflict
Struggle between a person and an outside force.

Internal Conflict
Psychological struggle within the mind of a literary or dramatic character, the resolution of which creates the plot's suspense.

Examples of External Conflicts in the novel
Examples of Internal Conflicts in the novel
Old man vs. Guilt for catching the marlin
- The old man respects the marlin like a brother, but he still killed it.
Age vs. Time/Age
- The old man is old but his pride drives him on to keep on fishing and to still try to catch fish after having gone eighty-four days without a catch.
Old man vs. Himself
- Santiago against himself as he must gather up all of the strength within himself and overcome his doubts to prove that he can make it back home and that nature cannot stop him.
Old man vs. The Sea
- the old man struggles with the sea because he is struggling in catching any fish and the sea is fighting back physically.
Old man vs. The Marlin
- The fight back and forth in a tug of war for days and neither of them give up.
Old man vs. His village
- Everyone in the old man's village except the boy, thinks he had ran out of luck because he had gone eighty-four days without catching fish, but the old man is still determined to catch a fish.

The central conflict of Hemingway's novel is man vs. nature. Santiago is at odds with nature because he makes his living by it.
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