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Copy of Family Circle Project

Urie Bronfenbrenner's Ecological Systems Theory

Jon Lasser

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Family Circle Project

begins with the
Individual Family
Urie Bronfenbrenner's
Ecological Systems Theory Beach Home School Neighborhood Microsystems Community
Activities Exosystem D. is a healthy 5y6m old little girl. She is observant and curious with a cheerful disposition, getting a little grumpy only when she is tired or not feeling well. She loves art, reading and physical activity. She wants to play basketball, but right now she dances, swims and takes art classes.
She doesn't care for princess stuff. Her reading skills are growing rapidly, and she reads everything she can. Her parents worrry that she may be
overly empathetic. and moves outward
to the different D. is an only child. Mom is 42 years old and Dad is 53. D.'s parents share the responsiblity of raising her now that she is a bit older, but mom did everything when D. was a baby and toddler. This was the deal they struck when they decided together to have a child. Dad owns his own business providing high end, state of the art audio video rental equipment. Mom is a certified Integrative Health Coach, who also teaches Pilates, a woman's exercise boot(y) camp, and plans and implements day retreats for woman. Mom and dad are health and fitness conscious and enjoy a vegan diet. They prepare most of their meals at home, but still eat our several times a month. D. has never had fast food, and has minimal sweets only on days that begin with S!
What mom and dad want most for D. is to
be happy D. has attended a high quality NAEYC accredited preschool since she was two years old. Currently, she goes to school for six hours a day five days a week. The school's philosophy is learning through play. D. will continue to attend the elementary division of her small private preschool. At school, D. enjoys many strong friendships. D.'s family spends nearly 1/3 of each year at their beach home. Their home is a residential area where many year reound families live. D. has many good friends here as well. The neighborhood where D. lives is accessible to many amenities. The family makes use of the public library, community parks, museums and shopping which are all within walking distance. D. currently has three afternoon activities. They are ballet, swimming and art classes. The classes are all close to her home. Here is some of her art that she has created. Extended
Family Friends & Neighbors Community
Services Macrosystem Mesosystem Mesosystem Mesosystem D.'s only extended family living near her are her father's parents. She sees them several times a month. D. gets to watch TV at Grandmom and Paca's house, something she does not do at home. Much of her mother's family lives close enough to visit several times a year. D. is the youngest child amongst her cousins. D.'s family enjoys many friendships with neighbors, school families, co-workers and people they are involved with within their community. D.'s parents rely on the advice of their family pediatrician for many of their choices for her.
When she was younger, they often used community resources for tips on parenting young children. Mass Media D.'s family does not own a television. Mom and dad read newspapers and
articles on the internet.
D. was born on October 23, 2007. Shortly thereafter, the United States elected it's first African American democratic president. Overall, there has been a shift towards a more liberal government. During D.s' lifetime, the country has also seen one of the worst economic downturns in a long time, although recent events show this trend is changing. Technology continues to advance exponentially. Attitudes towards early education are beginning to change, but policy makers have not yet caught up with current research on what's best for young children's development. interconnections between the different microsystems and the outer exosystem elements of the child's life that most directly affect development institutions or persons that
indirectly affect their experiences and further out to the The attitudes and ideologies of a particular culture or society
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