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"Hitler's Secret"

No description

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of "Hitler's Secret"

"Hitler's Secret"
By: William Osborne
Prezi By: Michael Zoellner
Characters (1)
One of the main characters is Conrad/Otto (his spy name). He has to go undercover with his companion, Rebecca/Leni (her spy name) to rescue someone out of Nazi Germany. Both Otto and Leni have specific traits they utilize to complete the mission. Otto is a great shot, has amazing endurance, and never gives up even when critically injured. Leni on the other hand is an experienced sailor, is stealthy, and can improvise a solution to any problem that faces her.
Characters (2)
Otto is a great shot because while at spy training boot camp, he never missed a target. Otto has amazing endurance because in the beginning, he had to swim to a boat to get out of France. Lastly, Otto never gives up even when critically injured because when he was on the verge of death he still fought to reach a certain area. Leni is an expert sailor because she has sailed many times before. Leni is also very stealthy because she sneaked into a building and rescued Otto. Last but not least, she can improvise a solution to any problem because she was going to save Otto and she had to come up with a successful plan without being caught.
Characters (3)
Rienhard Heydrich is the antagonist. He was a Lieutenant General for Adolf Hitler and was sent to prevent Otto and Leni from getting away with the person they were after. Heydrich was ruthless because during the interrogation of Otto he shoved a mini icepick though his hand. He is also impatient. He ordered a psychic to find the kids and almost killed him for taking too much time. Lastly, Heydrich is intimidated by Adolf Hitler because he knows that if he messes up in front of him, he's done for.
Point of View
The point of view is in the third person.
*I had no idea what to put here*
The time the story took place was on June 1, 1940 to June 19, 1941. The story took place in many areas around Europe but was mainly in southern Germany.
The major conflict that the main characters Otto and Leni faced was their struggle to escape the grasps of Heydrich and his army. This caused the them to travel cautiously through Nazi Germany. This conflict is an external conflict because it is Leni and Otto versus Heydrich's army that is a physical being in the book. The conflict is also man versus community. This is because Hydrich ordered his men to find the kids and also had search warrants against them which makes everybody in Germany out to get them. In the conflict, Heydrich follows Otto and Leni all through Germany. In the story, Heydrich actually secures Otto, twice.
Plot (1)
In the beginning Otto and Leni were taken to the training camp after being reviewed by the English government. When accepting the job they trained and prepared for the journey they were about to go forth on. The rising action is when Otto told Leni and the child they rescued to run away while he held off the army with a gun and grenades.
Plot (2)
The story's climax is when the army was beginning to rush the barn Otto was in and captured him for the first time.Then the story's excitement dies down as Leni escape with Otto the second time. Lastly, the story ends as Otto and Leni get on a plane to go back to their houses in England. There they confess their real names for the first time.
A major theme in the story, "Hitlers Secret" is to never leave a friend behind. At the bottom of page 246, it says that the person they had to rescue was the one who wanted to go back for Otto the first time he was caught. Also, on pages 303 and 304, the same person wanted to get Otto back the second time Heydrich caught him.
Author's Purpose
The author's purpose for writing this book is to entertain.This book entertains the reader with a story that includes real facts, but a great plot that enchants them to keep reading until they're finished with the entire story. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a reading with action, suspense, and adventure.
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