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World War I

No description

Lisa Healow

on 4 December 2015

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Transcript of World War I

Causes of World War I
Long term military/arms buildup
European countries wanted to be stronger than each other
Germany was strongest in mainland Europe, UK was strongest overall
Results: France, Italy, Japan, US started to develop more advanced weapons
Support other countries if they are attacked
Triple Alliance (Central Powers): Turkey/Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, Germany, Italy
Triple Entente (Allied Powers): France, Russia, Great Britain
Dominating countries politically and economically
Closely linked to industry and the need for raw materials and markets
Causes tension between empires and the desire for "balance of power"
France and Great Britain nearly went to war over control in Africa
Russo-Japanese War over control of Korea
Belief that national interests and national unity should be placed ahead of global cooperation
Germanic peoples (scattered through Germany and Austria-Hungary) share a common heritage and goals
Russia was regarded as the protector of Slavic peoples (most of whom did not have their own country)
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