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Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

A look at what this Iowa non-profit stands for, what we do & how you can help make a difference.

Hannah Inman

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation

Protect Engage Iowa Natural
Heritage Foundation Protecting Iowa’s “wild places” is INHF’s key niche and most-noted strength. Connect Restore Get involved Questions? Challenges Engage Quarterly magazine Introduction The Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation protects and restores Iowa's land, water and wildlife.

Our member-supported organization's priorities include protecting priority lands, connecting natural landscapes and natural corridors, restoring natural areas, and engaging Iowans with our natural heritage.

As a statewide private nonprofit conservation organization, we have a unique role in supporting landowners and encouraging active collaboration between cities, counties, private associations and government agencies. Mission Statement Protect Because Iowa’s landscape has been vastly altered and often neglected, it’s crucial to restore the land we love. Land Steward Internship Program Iowa Trails Linking public and private lands to create connected natural landscapes and corridors for wildlife, water quality, recreation, and other natural and scenic resource values. Bicycle Generator Public lands Private lands The number of acres of Iowa prairies, woodlands, lakes and rivers protected by INHF +120,000 Contact 505 Fifth Avenue
Suite 444
Des Moines, IA 50309

(515) 288-1846 Inspire Iowans to experience, value, protect and speak out for our natural resources. Waterways 1,700 Miles of multi-use trails in Iowa Land management

Clean drinking water for your children and grandchildren

Improved water quality in our lakes, ponds, and streams

Abundant wildlife to view and enjoy

Connected communities by means of trails and greenways

Revitalized parks and amenities

Outdoor recreation and education opportunities for all ages and abilities

Active and healthy youth and adults

Adequate open space for future generations Polk County’s LEGACY
20 years from now Polk County's
Water & Land Legacy Bond Questions? Leaving a Legacy
Clean water
Preserving wildlife habitats
Protecting natural areas Official Ballot Measure Language for Nov. 2012 Shall the County of Polk, State of Iowa, issue its general obligation bonds in an amount not exceeding the aggregate amount of $50,000,000 (to be issued in one or more series) for the purpose of acquisition and development of land for public parks, or other recreation or conservation purposes to be managed by the Polk County Conservation Board, including protecting the water quality of rivers, lakes, and streams, including the Des Moines and Raccoon Rivers and their tributaries, protecting drinking water sources, wildlife habitat, and natural areas, prevention of flooding, and construction and improvement of trails and conservation facilities in Polk County? Polk County Water & Land Legacy Bond FEASIBILITY study Iowa’s Water and Land Legacy

Constitutional amendment approved in 2010 creates a dedicated trust fund for the purposes of protecting and enhancing water quality and natural areas in the State including parks, trails, and fish and wildlife habitat and conserving agricultural soils in this State.

Provides for the first 3/8th of 1 percent of sales tax increase to be dedicated to a Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund

63% support statewide

67% support within Polk County
Polk County Conservation
56 years of conservation excellence

To provide the citizens of Polk County with quality outdoor recreation, conservation education, and the
long-term protection of Polk County’s natural heritage. PCC- Leading the Way Website Social Media www.polkwaterandlandlegacy.com Stay Informed, Spread the Word Polk 2030 Comprehensive Plan
Vision Statement

“Waterways such as the Four Mile, Beaver and Camp creeks are protected from development and floodplains are protected as open space. Greenbelts and greenways allow storm water to recharge groundwater and reduce polluted runoff into the healthy waterways and lakes. The greenbelts are wide enough to provide wildlife habitat and preserve ecological functions, as well as a regional network of bike trails, many of which link the County’s regional parks and preserves.” Polk County 2030 Comprehensive Plan Need Natural Areas Protection
Parks and Open Space
Trail Connectivity Environmental Capital
Wellness Capital
Cultural Capital Need Partnerships & Local Leadership:
Local conservation, recreation, and education leaders partnering with private and public entities to make a difference for Polk County Leaving a Legacy
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