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Symbols in Fahrenheit 451!

an in depth look into 10 wonderful symbols in the book.

miron honer

on 12 April 2011

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Transcript of Symbols in Fahrenheit 451!

Symbols in Fahrenheit 451. The Phoenix symbolizes The death And rebirth of Montags town and society as it tries to rebuild itself "Everytime the [Phoenix] burnt himself up he sprang out of the ashes, he got himself born all over again" The salamander Is the official symbol of the fireman In myth the salamander is immune to fire, the firemen used this as a symbol of the department, meaning the firemen did their job unharmmed. Ironically, Montag was not unharmmed because of his realization that buring books had ruined society and had led to lots of confilct. "We're going to build a mirror factory first and put out nothing but mirrors for the next few years and take a long look in them"

Granger. Books symbolize Freedom of speech and the limited knowledge in the society The burning of books is the censorship of that knowledge and freedom "Play the man, Master Ridley; we shall this day light a candle, by gods grace, in England, as I trust shall never put out" Fire and Water Fire is the destruction of books, society, and people. "Montag grinned the fierce grin of all men singed and driven by black flame." Water is the cleansing force of the destruction, it estiguishes the firemans flame, and also sets Montags "black flame" on the correct path.
"two moonstones looked up at him in the light of his small hand held fire; two pale moonstones buried in a creek of clear water over which the life of the world ran, not touching them." "Her eyes were two miraculous bits of violet amber that might capture and hold him intact." Clarisse's eyes are full of life as she is philisophical and thinking. While Mildred's eyes are glassy and hazy as she has no idea what is going on around her. She's soley interested in T.V "Very slowly, as he walked, he tilted his head back in the rain for just a few moments and opened his mouth" Montag has begun experiencing new things, his fire is slowly being doused by the rain, he will now start to understand what is going on around him. The old women stands up for what she believes in but society deems it wrong so she burns herself instead of living in a world that does not accept the knowledge in the books. "When they reached her house all its lights were blazing" Light can be knowledge, people with all their lights on in there house are assumed to have books, which are vessels of knowledge The darkness is the ignorance of the fireman who burn the knowledge/ books Light and darkness the mirrors symbolize the importance of self-understanding, and seeing yourself as you are. This is an important idea to bring to the rebuilding of their community The Sieve and the Sand The sieve sybolizes Montags mind and how he is trying to understand the truth but he can not attain it as it keeps slipping away. The sand is the truth of what is going on in their society The Rain symbolizes the turning point in Montags life Their society has just been destroyed and it is now time to rebuild it once again. The dandelion "Before he could move she had put the dandelion under his chin... "what a shame" she said. "You"re not in love with anyone." Nature, in the form of dandelions, symbolizes love and passion. At this point Clarrise opens Montags eyes to the realization that he does not love anyone Fire can also represent knowledge
Rain continues to change Montag as shown when he is running away from the mechanical hound His former life has dissapeared He has left his wife behind and killed Beatty and is running towards the "Harvard Hobbos who will only further his knowledge of what is going on around him Clarrise jump starts Montags passion for something. That something turns out to be a passion for books and knowledge Right before Mildred's apartment exploded "in the millionth part of time left, she saw her own face reflected there, in a mirror instead of a crystal ball, and it was such a wildly empty face" Right before she died she realized how empty and meaningless her life had been. She finally recongnized herself as her own and not a mindless body controlled by the media When Montag came across the "Harvord Hobbos" (men who had memorized sections of books) they were all sitting around a campfire. He saw " a strange fire because it meant a different thing to him. It was not burning. It was warming. The fire Montag sees is not the fire of destruction. Instead it is a fire of warmth and knowledge. It was the fire of the old, when they were used for heating not burning and desimation. Granger compares mankind to a pheonix, suggesting that mankind will always end up destroying itself and will need to be reborn again Beatty states that"Fire is bright and fire is clean". He mentions how taking away things from society that make it messy makes for happier people. The fire cleans things up rather nicely By Ellie and Miron
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