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Video Conferencing

No description

Doug Meyer

on 9 October 2015

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Transcript of Video Conferencing

What's Next
The Evolution of IVC and what it means for us in the classroom.
Engaging Students with Interactive Video Conferencing
Facilitating an IVC experience
What’s your greatest challenge
in the classroom??
Interactive Video Conferencing
What questions should you ask?
Working with Content Providers
What should a content provider know about your students?
Working with Content Providers
The Value of Videoconferencing
Students need...
to be engaged
subject depth and breadth
access to experts
authentic experiences
opportunities to collaborate
Scrap piece of paper
List three activities, projects, games, strategies that you use in the classroom or have observed other master teachers use
“The Key to school success is to be found in identifying or creating engaging schoolwork for students.”

(Schlecty, 2002, p. xiv)

Schlechty, Phillip C. (2002). Working on the work. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
Why we do what we do!!
Do Elephants have BO???
It is what it is!!
10:2 Theory:
For every ten minutes of meaningful chunks of new information, learners should be provided with two or so minutes to process information.
“Researchers found in analyzing the behaviors of superior teachers that one important characteristic they had in common was the ability to vary their teaching methods.”
Jacobsen, Eggen & Kauchak
What can we do to help our students begin to process the information?
After the program…
What is it?
Did this impact the knowledge of students?
Did it address identified standards?
Did it differentiate for different student needs?
Were students actively engaged?
Did program guide, wraparound activities work?
How would you refine them?
Document for future use
Next Steps for Teachers
Huh - more info please!
Yes ~ I got it!
Exit Ticket:
IVC Successful Practice
Intentional use of IVC
Collaborative project design
Simply put, IVC is…...
Okay, we get the concept, but what about…...
Information vs. Experience
What do you need to know about a content provider?
What should a content provider know about your classroom objectives?

Let’s Stir the Class!!
Before the program...…
How do we prepare our students for a video conferencing experience?
How do we prepare ourselves for a
video conferencing experience?
During the Program...
What can we do to ensure that our students are engaged?
What are the challenges?
What does a collaborative project look like?
How can I be a better collaborative partner?
How do I find collaborative partners?
Monica Cougan
Former Director of K-12 Services at CILC
Product Marketing Specialist, ENA
Thank You!!
Questions Comments Evaluation
Doug Meyer
As you watch the video, use TodaysMeet's white board space to jot down your thoughts...share a quote from the video that resonates with you. Keep those comments coming!!
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