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top fuel dragster

No description

kevin mihealsick

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of top fuel dragster

by Kevin mihealsick top fuel dragster and the design process The first SCTA "Speed Week," held at the famed Bonneville Salt Flats in 1949 NHRA is the world's largest motorsports sanctioning body with 80,000 members, 140 tracks, more than 35,000 competitors, more than 5,000 member-track events. NHRA held its first race in April 1953 in Los Angeles A drag race is an acceleration contest, on a track, or dragstrip Among the fastest-accelerating machines in the world, these 7,000-horsepower dragsters can cover the dragstrip in less than 3.8 ­seconds at more than 325 mph. Top Fuel cars are 25 feet long and weigh 2,320 pounds in race-ready trim. top fuel When the front tires of a vehicle break the first light beam ,the pre-stage light on the Christmas Tree indicates that the racer is approximately seven inches from the starting line Two light beams cross the starting-line area and connect to trackside

SendPrint Mr Livesay and class of 2017 Antron Brown

Troy Buff

Steve Chrisman

Larry Dixon

Urs Erbacher

Fred Farndon

Doug Foley

Rod Fuller

David Grubnic TJ Zizzo Khalid alBalooshi

Brandon Bernstein

Doug Herbert

Doug Kalitta

Brady Kalivoda

Chris Karamesines

Dominick Lagana

Shawn Langdon

Bruce Litton

Morgan Lucas

Doug Herbert

Doug Kalitta

Brady Kalivoda

Chris Karamesines

Dominick Lagana

Shawn Langdon

Bruce Litton

Morgan Lucas
Spencer Massey

Cory McClenathan

Terry McMillen

Clay Millican

Luigi Novelli

Scott Palmer

Tony Schumacher

Mike Strasburg Define the problem


Develop ideas


Choose best idea

Model or prototype
Test and evaluate

Improve design
Communicate results

The Design Process  prototype the problem
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