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Social Media Vision

Increasing our Social Media Influence

Heather Horsey

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Social Media Vision

Increasing our Social Media Influence Social Media Vision To increase brand recognition and establish preference.
To build awareness, creditability, thought leadership and brand engagement.
To drive traffic to our website and blog. Overall Goals How do we create more compelling content YouTube What is Paper.li Paper.li LinkedIn Pinterest Influencer Outreach Who Are We Targeting Why Would We Add Paper.li How Do We Add Paper.li When Could We Launch Questions? Pinterest Basics Business Objectives How People Use Pinterest Our Specific Goals Content and Boards Timeline to Launch Questions Influencers & Advocates A place for everything
Quick for stakeholders
Demonstrate thought leadership
Once set up, easily maintained Sources Week of October 15 Planning Review First Edition Today Regular content creation Increase Awareness
Increase Preference
Increase Market Share Audience Increase visits to each member company blog
Increase sharing of our original content
Create boards leveraging both content and company culture
Create a collaborative space for us
Follow other businesses, thought leaders, customers and partners Week of October 15 Planning Review First Edition Today What is Influencer Outreach? -Increase ability to share content

-Build positive rapport with Influencers

-Spread our message. Who is the Audience? Mommy Bloggers & Audience of Blog Mommy Blogger Facts - 3.9 million moms write blogs in the US. (eMarketer)

- 55% of daily social media made their purchase because of a recommendation from a personal review blog. (NPD Group, Inc. via Technorati)

- 18.3 million moms read blogs at least once a month. (eMarketer)

- Moms mention brands an average of 73 times per week.(eMarketer) Business Objective - Streamline efforts to spread our message further and faster

- Increase participation in social media contests Expected Outcome - Develop strong relationships

- Leverage our content to a larger audience.

- Guest blog for mommy blogs and vice versa.

- Have a reliable outlet to send new material to. Strategy - Influencer outreach letter

- 4-6 weeks prior: build a relationship

- CRM software - 1 blog per company.

- Need strong relationships

- Comments, engaging in conversation Qualifiers for Influencers :

- Content

- Large following

- Posts regularly

- Should respond to comments posted

- Is open to guest posts What will we track?

- Program goals: target # = 14 influencers

- Activities – actions & # of conversations

- Coverage level

- The number of followers of blog

*Our CRM Software will be able to track all of the above* - We will build the relationships as ourselves, an affiliate of Delta Dental. Questions? What is LinkedIn? Demographics Audience - HR Managers
- Brokers
- Dentists
- DD Sales Force
- DD Professional Relations Team Business Objectives Develop conversations
Increase engagement
Provide digital resource
Research future prospects
Engage current clients/dentists. How is the audience using LinkedIn? Misconception – used by job seekers

Reality – used for conversation, sharing of ideas, discussion of methods and good practices Expected Outcome New avenue of communication
Develop discussion
Increase of engagement
Create closer relationships Strategy Group 1:

- Target Audience: HR Managers & Brokers
- Sales Dept. will need to be active in this group

Group 2:
- Target Audience: Dentists & Office Managers
- Professional Relations Dept. will need to be active in this group 2 groups on LinkedIn What to do when we have an audience:

2 questions per week.

- Questions for the Delta Dental Broker/HR group will be posted on Tuesdays.

- Questions for the Delta Dental Dentist/Office Manager group will be posted on Thursdays.

**Sales Team and Provider Relation Team will drive discussion and participate as well** Sample Questions Questions? Brokers

1) How do you feel The Affordable Health Care Act will impact your sales?

HR Managers

1) How does your company incorporate dental wellness into their overall wellness strategy? Dentists

1) Delta Dental’s mission is to advance oral health care through our dental benefits programs and philanthropic efforts. What is your office’s mission?

2) Why did you choose dentistry as a profession? Social networking site
Professional individuals How to get audience to join?

- Choose a select group
- Flyers
- Sales/Professional Service employees Types of content:
Community event footage
Fun, quirky videos - Tooth Fairy and other characters
Interviews with Senior Leadership Team
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