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CDTM - Entrepreneurship in the U.S.A.

Presentation and Discussion on January 22nd, 2013 with Prof. Dr. Alyosh Agarwal, MHMK and Applaud GmbH

Alyosh Agarwal

on 27 February 2013

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Transcript of CDTM - Entrepreneurship in the U.S.A.

Experience of a Germany-based Indian Entrepreneur who turned American Is Entrepreneurship really different in the United States? Focal Points and Discussion Personal Introduction What you can do.... - Why focus on this?
- Personal Introduction

What is similar?
What is different?
What can we learn and use?
- Technology and Adoption
- The Competitive Landscape
- Business Models
- International Aspects
- Mentality and Attitudes Why focus on this? - Understand the largest market in the world
- Do well when you go to the States
- See what may be coming... be early in Europe!
Many technologies and trends originate
in the States:
- Media (TV, Movies, Internet, Mobile)
- Business Models
- Social Media (Consumer and Enterprise)
- Underlying Technologies (iOS, Android,
Cross-Platform Tech., User Interface) - Parents: Indian; School: NYC, New Delhi, Bonn (Abitur)
- Diplom and Doctorate at the LMU (BWL with Computer Science)
Doktorvater: Prof. Dr. Arnold Picot (LMU, CDTM)

GERMANY (Bonn and Munich)
- Founded Innosoft GmbH, Munich, 1990
Grew to 50 Staff, 8+ Million DM Revenue in first 5 years
Cologne Office (1994), New York Office (1996)
Co-founded FJA AG (1997), IPO 2001, Market Cap: 480-800 M€
Now COR&FJA AG, 1000 Staff, 17 Offices Worldwide

USA (NYC and S.F. - 1999 to 2011)
- Startup: MP2 Capital, S.F., CA, 2007 (Commercial Solar Finance)
- Set up COR&FJA Denver Office as U.S. COO (2008-10),
65 Staff, 15+M US$ Annual Revenue

Back to Germany (August 2011)
- Founded Applaud GmbH, Munich, 2012
Crossplatform Mobile Enterprise (iOS, Android, Win, Mac)
- Professor for Media Management, MHMK, Munich, since WS 2011 Web-based Resources Technology Hype Cycle (USA, 2012) Competition and Cost in the USA - Competition is higher
especially in certain cities (NYC, S.F. Bay Area)
- As a result, risk is higher

- Some Markets: Fierce Asian competition
E.g. Software and Services, Infosys, Tata etc.

- Why is Cost higher?
- Scale vs. cash-flow, hence VC for Leaders
- Startups across the continent with
3+ time zones and 5+ hours of flying time
- When the competition has deep pockets
how do you keep up? Technology Adoption - Generalizations do not do justice
- Differences by Industry and Geography

- Bay Area vs. Mid-West or South
- Success of SAP across the U.S.
- Skype acquired by eBay and then Microsoft
at U.S. valuations
- German Automobiles See what is working in the U.S.:
- Successful Startups
- Follow Entrepreneurship at the Best
>>> Use today's on-line world. Prof. Dr. Alyosh Agarwal
agarwal@applaud-mobile.com Similarities - Economy: Markets, Demand, Prices
- Society: Social, Cultural, Success, ...
- Business Framework
- Legal Framework - Corporations, Law
> U.S. Agencies are strict about foreign investment
- Some common Attitudes
> Motivation and Passion
> Hard Work
> Tenacity
> Long Hours
(Notice: Communication style is not listed!)

>>> Sales, i.e. Business Development are crucial! Differences - Strategy and Approach
> Business Models, in particular Freemium
> Scale
> Setting a Standard (Geoffrey Moore)
> Focus on own School and Community
> Shorter-term Focus
> Tech and Product Evangelism
> Marketing and Branding are more dominant
> More International? (Team, Markets)

- Financial Implications
> Raising Funds
> Valuation (!) - Even Beyond Extreme Cases
> Exit - More Accepted and Desired

- Personal Issues for the Entrepreneur
> "Me, Me, Me"
> Networking and Speaking Candidly accepted
> Long term or Serial Entrepreneur?
> Failure (How acceptable is it really?) Literature, Web-Resources and Video www.inc.com

http://techventures.stanford.edu/ (Prof. Tom Byers, Stanford)




Feel free to write or visit us (MHMK/ Applaud GmbH):
A.Agarwal@mhmk.org (0151) 45145731 Applaud GmbH, Munich in the Automotive Industry
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