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Electric Science Group 2

No description

theresa Sauer

on 7 January 2014

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Transcript of Electric Science Group 2

Electric Science
What is Electricity?
Electricity is a type of energy.It can be built up or it can from one place to another.
Where Does Electricity Come From ?
Electricity comes from power plants.

How Does Electricity Travel Through Conductors ?
The Circuit From a Power plant to Your House
Electricity is made in a power plant
The current is sent through transformers
The electrical charge is sent through high-voltage transformers
Then the electricity gets to the substation where the voltage is lowered to even smaller lines
It then goes to the distribution lines to your neighborhood
Then it connects to your house through a service and drops down to a meter.
Last it goes to a service panel and to the outlets in walls for family use.
Metals ( conductors) have free electrons that are not together with their parent atoms.They flow freely through the metal and this enables an electrical current to flow.
How Do Insulators Affect How Electricity Travels?
In rubber (insulator) it stops the flow of electricity.There are no free electrons . This completely stops the circuit or flow.
Historic Scientist
Ben Franklin 1752
Ben tied a key to a kite string during a thunderstorm, and proved that static electricity and lighting were the same thing.
Micheal Faraday 1821
Discovered the principle of electo-magnetic rotation that would later be the key to developing the eletric motor.
Thomas Edison 1882
Built the first power plant in New York City.
Alexander Graham Bell 1876
He invented the first telephone.
Fossil Fuels
Fossil Fuels come from the remains of dead animals and plants.
One example is natural gas. It is a fossil fuel found deep in the earth. It is burned to produce steam that turns a turbine to make electricity.
5 Kinds of Electricity
Fossil Fuels
Hydroelectric Power
Nuclear Power
Wind Power
Hydroelectric Power
A very interesting way to make electricity is by the movement of flowing water. When water falls from a very high place, a turbine is being rotated around, therefore making electricity.
Nuclear Power
Nuclear energy is made by fusion. (A fusion is when you melt things). It's produced in the reactor of a nuclear power station. Energy turns water into steam, which drives a turbine that powers the generator.
Environmental Problems
Environmental problems depend on what resource you are using to create electricity. Hydropower is made by the flow of water, therefore, not doing much to hurt the environment. However, fossil fuels, such as coal, are being burned, which are releasing harmful gasses into the air.
Safety Devices
smoke alarm
carbon minoxcide detector
fire extinguisher
outlet cover
rubber over wires
How Can Trees and Powerlines be dangerous?
If trees fall on powerlines it can hurt you if your outside. And also if you are outside and there are powerlines in a tree you should not climb it. Trees can also catch on fire from powerlines.
Electricity Checklist
1. Do you have a smoke alarm in your house?

2. Do you make sure cords aren't plugged in by a sink or bathtub?

3. Do you leave any appliances on and pull the plug out?

4. Do you watch out for powerlines that are down?

5. Do you have carbon minoxcide detector?

6. Do you make sure that if you use a oven that you turn it off when you are done with it?

7. Do you make sure nothing of yours is on a powerline?

8. Do you make sure that a drink is not by something that is plugged in?

9. Do you be careful when you unplug things?

10. Do you make sure that your hands aren't wet when you unplug things?
How can it hurt you
If you dont have rubber on wires it can get get shocked.

If you put your finger in a light socket.

If you you mess with an electric fence.

If you pick off the rubber off of wires it will shock you.

If there is a storm and theres lightening outside.
Ways it can hurt you
If you pick at the rubber off of wires it could shock you.

If there is a storm outside with lightening you should probably should not go outside.

If you mess with an electric fences you will get shocked.
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