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Employbridge Onboarding Toolkit

No description

Dianne Rosenberg

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Employbridge Onboarding Toolkit

Employbridge Onboarding Toolkit
Onboarding Toolkit
Interviewing Applicants
Selecting New Hires
Orienting New Hires
Finalizing Documentation
Invite for the Interview
Added/Cleaned up Skills and Work History in Prescreen
Interview Prep
To Do Today
Skill sets
Job codes
Collected, observed and documented Behavior
Matching candidates to the right job or disqualifying them
You're Hired!
Better Life!
Finalizing your Employee
Make sure the paperwork is complete
I9/EVP while the applicant is in office (check their docs!)
Check for tagged assignments when finalizing
Run Background as very last step
More to come...
Filling Orders Toolkit
Servicing Toolkit
Overview Toolkit
Prescreen: Get to the "yes" or "NO"
Loope, Chris
Know the environment of the workplace. This will help with placement of employees!
Tonya Talks:
Skill Sets and Job Codes
Tonya Talks: Know what the client is looking for
Job fair Tuesday for CNC machinists
Employee Appreciation: Lunch and Awards
Workers' Comp Seminar
Thank you!
Chris Loope
Tonya Heckman
Operations Manager
Deer Park TX
Dianne Rosenberg
Tonya Talks: The Big Red Bus
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