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thomas lynch

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Apple

APPLE Incorporated
Students 2898 & 2995

Apple incorporated
Recycling and Environment
ABN - 46 002 510 05
Founded April 1, 1976
Steve Wozniak
Steve Jobs
Ronald Wayne
Designs, develops, and sells:
consumer electronics
computer software
online services
personal computers.
Production & emerging technology
Quality / quality control
Personnel and Training
Public company
Limited liability
Company structure is commercially well understood and accepted.
Ability to raise significant capital.
Stock can be sold & traded.
General information
Classification by legal structure
Sole trader
Private company
Incorporated business.
"Large business" >200 employees.
Apple create compact products that are more efficient and dont need to be replaced often.
If they have left over products they will re-use them in any way possible.
Apple encourage people around the world to hand in their unwanted technology so they can either re-use as much as they can or recycle them for you.
Apple have made great progress in making their products environmentally safe, this is major part of their environmental impact policy for example, power cords made without PVC, mercury-free displays and enclosures that don’t contain brominated flame retardants (BFRs).
The physical location of the company can affect the community in two ways:
Retail stores: The apple retail stores affect the local community like any other shopping centre or store. It also provides jobs.
Corporate: It provides jobs jobs for the local community but it would be seperated into a business district.
Industrial: it provides jobs for local communities sorounding the factory.
Business structure
Organisational structure
30,000 in both retail & corporate
Analytics for the United States scale accordingly for other countries.
Michael Lopp is a Senior Engineering Manager at Apple.
Manages a team of designers and innovators who generate ideas for Apple products
Apple "wraps great ideas inside great ideas"
Detail into aesthetics
Apple have a website dedicated to jobs people can apply for and join apple in either corporate or retail jobs.
The initial training people usually should before entering this industry is how to deliver a great customer experience, strong people skills and a strong understanding of technology particularly apple products.
If employees want further training they are paid by the company to undergo this training.
The union available for this industry is the Industrial Workers Of The World (IWW)
The key functions of this union is to make sure there workers have safe working conditions and their business is organised.
Market research
Advertising Techniques
Customer Relations
Greg Joswiak -
Apple's VP of Product Marketing
Monthly buyer surveys
Comparison with competitors
Secure customer demographic information.
Show the work that went into inventing the product.
It adds credibility to your claims.
It is concrete.
It tells a story.
Apple geniuses & friendly store design
Legislation Affecting apple
International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection
"ICNIRP has developed guidelines on exposures to EMFs. The guidelines are designed to provide protection against all known health effects from EMFs."

Legislation for precautionary electromagnetic radiation protection.
Australian Consumer Law - Warranties
"Apple customers visiting the company's stores in Australia with an item outside the 12-month Apple warranty have had to pay a fee for their goods to be fixed or replaced if they don't know their rights and didn't purchase AppleCare, which extends their manufacturer warranty."

24-month statutory warranty.
Apple retail stores
Third-party retailers
Online stores
Taxes imposed on"ITunes" and "App store" purchases of multimedia content.
Physical items
Virtual purchases
"Foxconn is the world's largest electronics contractor manufacturer, and the third-largest information technology company by revenue." - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foxconn

Responsible for Apple's quality control & quality assurance as part of total quality management.
Recent bend testing on IPhone 6
Camera testing
Human inspection of each part for imperfections
1. Apple's laser machining processes.
Safety - Workers operate with protective equipment to ensure reduced risk of injury.
Accuracy - Accuracy of the machining process in combination with Computer aided manufacturing (CAM)
Speed - The machining process used by Apple requires more time per product.
Cost - Machining is more expensive than alternative methods of shaping metal for components.

2.Multipath TCP (MPTCP) network protocol.
TCP can only use one connection path, MPTCP can simultaneously use different connection paths.
Improved performance and resiliency.
Historically, regular TCP would achieve the same results as MPTCP. However, the newer technology is superior.

Production & emerging technology
Apple Incorporated
Apple employees are trained and qualified to deal with workplace safety issues. The workplace includes proper use of PPE, signage, risk assessment procedures, communication and technology.
Communication is a big part of dealing with WH&S issues in the workplace. A lack of communication in the workplace may be to the detriment of employees safety and effectiveness.
Another technology that could have been used to achieve the same results as this technology is casting metal.
Modern casting is equally precise
Cost and time efficient
Environmentally friendly as little to no material is wasted.
Target market
Apple's reporting procedure for incidents and accidents involves submitting an accident report form, typical in the multimedia industry.

From the information gathered from reports, Apple's management and employees can further monitor WH&S procedures and thus improve their operations accordingly.
Incident or accident reporting
and WHS monitoring
For competitive business reasons, apple does not release demographic information of its buyers. This prevents other business stealing their demographic targeting strategies.
However, from the buyer information, we can draw conclusions about the target market.
Highly educated
Professional positions
High income
Technical device enthusiasts
Commonly 26-30 years of age.
Apple uses this technology for faster data transfers & responsiveness when using Siri

Speed - Dramatic increase in speed with MPTCP compared to traditional protocol.
Cost - Negligible increase in cost as the protocol will become standardised.
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