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Solar energy

No description

Philipp Stark

on 20 September 2013

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Transcript of Solar energy

Solar energy
What is solar energy?
This is a solar farm
What can we do with this energy?
Solar pannels take up space
Roof may not be angled correctly to the sun
We can use it for:
Can't get energy at night
Prototype of a NASA airplane
photovoltaic toilet in the mountains
How does solar power work?
Solar panels are used to collect sunlight

Solar panels are made up of photovoltaic cells that convert the sunlight into energy
Installations ranges from 3-7 kilowatts
Average house costs from 17.000-40.000€
The initial cost of installation is very high
solar power is energy that comes from the sun

the sunlight gives off energy as heat

the energy is either stored or used

solar power is a renewable source of energy

solar energy can power anything
This is a solar panel
in the space
very expensive
you can not always use it
The power source of the sun is free

It does not emit greenhouse gases

Most system have a life span of 40 years.

The production of solar energy produces no pollution

Maintenance free

Will make us less dependent on fossil fuels

Financial incentives are provided by the government
How the weather effects solar energy

at rainy days you are not able to get any electricity
at sunny days you get more than enough electricity
Thank you for your attention
The weather has a big effect on how solar energy makes electricity
This is a solar-car
The best solar panels convert only about
20% of solar energy into useable electricity
How do we get solar energy?
from the sun
the sun gives protons that absorbed by solar panels
the energy is either stored or used
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