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Tinder Market Research

No description

Danni Woodward

on 29 July 2014

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Transcript of Tinder Market Research

- What are the concerns and needs of Tinder users?

- Do these needs, concerns, and impacts differ between men and women?

- How can Tinder address the needs and concerns of its users?

Tinder & Digital Dating
Presented by RADAR

- Digital dating has become increasingly popular

- People seek more convenient forms of dating

- Tinder has benefited from this increase in interest


Tinder users, Bond University students

Qualitative findings

Traditional dating services viewed as desperate - Tinder was not.

Men and women viewed some aspects of the service differently.

All participants indicated that they started using Tinder after hearing about it from friends.

Privacy: most participants didn't see a difference between using Tinder and Facebook.
Swipe left or right
Insight 2: Tinder is more likely to be used with thh purpose of engaging in one part of a continuous social networking experience rather than with the exclusive purpose of finding a date.
Insight 3: Tinder users are not opposed to Tinder monetising its services, provided it occurs in a way they find amenanle.
Research Objectives
This study was designed to identify evolving needs of current Tinder users
Insight 4: Tinder users do not generally feel unsettled by provacy or security concerns.
Tinder Background

- Features and technology have enabled Tinder to secure its place as a digital dating market leader.

- Tinder's market position hinges on its capacity to understand the demands and concerns of its current and future users.

- Accordingly, ongoing market research is crucial to guaranteeing Tinder's success.


Tinder users, Bond University students

Insight One:
Tinder is considered to be fundamentally unlike other dating websites
Two reasons for this, firstly
44% think other dating websites are for desperate people

66% generally prefer application platforms
Benefits of mobile phones
- Ease of use, time restraints
- Don't have to return to stationary desktop

Insight two:
People were more likely to use Tinder for fun, rather than finding a date
- 67% think tinder is an amusing and enjoyable experience
- The social aspect lead to a positive word of mouth
- Chi-Squared of 0.001 < 0.05
Insight Three
: Users are not opposed to Tinder monetizing its services, provided it occurs in a way they find amenable
Users resist some forms of advertising
- 71% were opposed to the use of banner advertising on tinder
- 83% were opposed to directly paying a subscription or joining fee

We found that
-60% were not opposed to brand making tinder profiles

- 87% did not feel unsafe using Tinder
- Also deleting your profile had little significant difference in if you felt unsafe or not
- 64% of users rated Tinder's performance in privacy as good or excellent


Focus Group Methodology
60 minutes in duration

Moderator followed a discussion guide

Moderator addressed ethics and concerns of participants eg. bathroom and food needs

1) What types of digital dating services do you use?

2) What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of digital dating services compared to traditional dating?

3) Now I want you to think about one popular digital dating service, namely Tinder. In this group who uses Tinder? What factors encouraged you to begin using Tinder?

4) What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages of Tinder compared to other digital dating services?

5) Do you talk to your friends, or anyone else, about your Tinder usage? What sorts of conversations do you have about your Tinder usage?

Questions Discussed
Quantitative findings
Insight five: Men and women differ slightly on what they want out of an application
- Women want more control over who can message them

- Men want a digital dating service with more women
Insight Four: Tinder users do not generally feel unsettled by privacy or security concerns
Insight six: Tinder users would like to see new features incorporated
- 76.4% of respondents indicated they would favour a feature that allows users to send photos that will only be viewable for maximum of 10 seconds

- 89.1% of respondents endorsed a function that would allow users to choose whether or not they want to receive photos from other users.
1. Ensure that all company actions facilitate a social experience rather than just helping people find a date

2. Maintain current safety and privacy protocols

3. Consider monetizing Tinder

4. Exploit the differences between men and women in marketing communications

5. Implement new features

1. Bond University students
2. Convenience
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