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Influence of Graphic Design on Society

Here you will learn about the impact of graphic design on the society

Matthew D

on 18 February 2015

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Transcript of Influence of Graphic Design on Society

Basic Idea of Graphic Design
Graphic Design in our everyday living
Where do we see Graphic Design?
Graphic Design has been around for a while from writing on walls in the caveman period to present day using computer software.
Graphic Design First started getting more developed when printers came out.
When printers came out you were able to print paper with your design on it and say for example hang it up some where and advertise what you want.
In Conclusion graphic design has had a big influence on society. If we didn't have graphic Design then our society wouldn't be where it is now. It has developed so much throughout the years. Now we can make a quick edit or change with the click of a button. Now we have more enhanced technology to advertise products and get people to buy products with just a simple design. Graphic Design has really impacted this world.
Works Cited
Graphic Design has been developing more and more ever since the 19th century.
Jan Tschichold came around during this era and made a contribution that influenced design in the use of typography.
Design is dated back too the prehistoric period where people would draw pictures of animals on the walls.
Influence of Graphic Design on Society
An example is, if there’s a picture in a store advertising a product and it doesn't look appealing . The customer won’t be attracted too it and won’t check it out or look into it. It is very important for graphic design to catch the consumer or someone else attention so that they can sell their products. This is why graphic design impacts society and has a great influence on it as well.

Graphic Design can be seen on Album Covers for example. When you buy a music CD you see some type of picture or design on the front advertising the CD.
You also see Graphic Design on books as well. On the front cover there's a picture or design advertising the book.
You also see these things in stores. Most stores have a logo which brings too your attention.
How has Graphic Design improved?
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