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Respiratory system

No description

Matt Valencia

on 3 February 2014

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Transcript of Respiratory system

The trachea is basically the wind pipe. This is an organ that lets us breathe. If we didn't have this organ than the air could not transfer from external to internal.
The Lungs
The lungs jobs in the respiratory system is to inhale air. The lungs have an important job. If the lungs didn't inhale air then we could not breath. With inhaling air the rest has to leave so the execs air is exhaled through the lungs. this is the main function of the lungs.
Respiratory system
What is the wind pipe called?
What is the main function of the bronchi?
What is the main function of the lungs?
What is the three main organs in the respiratory system?
What could happen if the trachea was not there?
What would happen if we didn't have a Bronchi?
What does the respiratory system do?
What would the affect be if we didn't have lungs?
What does the lungs do with the excess air?
When does the lungs exhale the air?
The organs in the respiratory system include the lungs, trachea, and the bronchi. These different organs accomplish different tasks like breathing and extracting oxygen from the air and sucking in air to keep
The Bronchi
The bronchi are within the lungs. The main job for this organ is to extract oxygen from the raw air. then after most of the oxygen the lungs exhale the air. After the lungs exhale the air then the system starts over.
Organs in the respiratory system
The Trachea
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