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samuel rodriguez

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of Tropism

Tropisms what is a tropism? movement of or growth of a plant in response to external stimuli phototropism, gravitropism,
thigmotropism, Types of tropism phototropism tendency of plants to grow
towards source of light gravitropism response of a plant
to gravity thigmotropism response of plants to touch how do they work? Mimosa plant When a leaf is is touched or, excessive heat, cold or wind is present, due to chemicals in the plant, water moves from one part of the plant's cells to another part of the plant's cells. This action of the water moving reduces the turgor "water" pressure in the cells and causes the leaves to become wilted. The Mimosa Plant's movement may be a way that the plant protects itself from animals that might not expect the plant to move, causing them to move on to a less active plant. Bean Plant Tomato Plant Cucumber Tendril they work by auxins in the roots for example that tell it to grow against gravity and in the tips of leaves that cause it to bend towards light and such.
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