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Interactive Whiteboards on your Tablet

No description

anthony williams

on 4 July 2013

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Transcript of Interactive Whiteboards on your Tablet

A galaxy of choice
Interactive Whiteboards
on your tablet

iPad Continued...
iPad Continued...
iPad Continued...
Android Continued...
Show me
Show me
Show me
Show me
Show me is an interactive whiteboard app with quite a few interesting features.

Show me lets you record what your drawing on the whiteboard and records sound as you’re doing it, so you can describe what it is that you are doing.
You can take a picture and insert
it directly into show me or you
can select a picture from your iPad
Once the image is inserted you
can edit the size and move it to
where you need it on screen
After moving your image into position you can then start to annotate and describe what it is you are doing whilst you record the whole session.
You can edit your show me as you go by deleting your text by using the erase selection tool.
After you have deleted your text you can then add new text and continue your Show me.
After you have completed and saved your show me, you can share it with others via the main website page.

SyncSpace is a zoomable drawing space that can be shared in real time over the net,
a sort of shared whiteboard. Turn on synchronization and send a link to the document to others who will be able to see your drawing and also make changes using SyncSpace.
The resulting drawings can be emailed as images or saved for later editing.
Android continued...
Syncspace is also available on IOS and is compatible with the Android version.
Using this whiteboard cross platform gives you masive scope for who you can collaborate with.
Although both versions are compatible there are some subtle differences, the iPad app can export to pdf and add images/photos to the whiteboard.
This is a very intuitive and useful app, its compatibility and ease of use make it a sure bet for anyone needing a whiteboard app for android and Ipad.
iPad Continued...
Show me
When you are ready to share and save your Show me you can tag it with a the topics covered in your Show me.
After tagging your show me it will be saved online which is great as you now have an available online resource.
Windows 8
Record Voice & Pen
This app gives you the opportunity to record screen and sound as well as what you are writing on the screen.
Windows 8
Record voice and Pen
When using this app you can take a photo using the camera app and then inseret the image into the whiteboard.
This is quite a useful app for taking notes, writing about a specific image or diagram and also useful for collaborating with learners and other tutors.
Windows 8
Record voice & Pen
Although this app might not be as sophisticated or as intuitive as show me or syncspace it is very easy to use and has an array of colours to choose from in regards to pen palate.
Record Voice & Pen is an interactive whiteboard app for windows 8 which has a similar feel to show me for the iPad.
You can save a version of your Record voice & Pen to your tablet or you can export it as an mp4 file and then use it in a presentation, post the video online or even use it directly in class.
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