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The Rose that Grew from the Concrete

No description

Amaya DeLong

on 1 June 2015

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Transcript of The Rose that Grew from the Concrete

The poet of my poem is Tupac Shakur. Tupac had a difficult childhood moving frequently around in the NYC boroughs of Brooklyn and the Bronx. He did this with his mother. He saw some of life's hardships through her struggles with substance abuse
The Rose that Grew from the Concrete
Sound Devices
In my poem I found assonance.Line 5 has the 3 words dreams,keeping, and seems. Can you identify the assonance? Yup you've got it!! They all make the -ee sound!
Lines 1 and 2 put a picture in my mind. They read ' Did you hear about the rose, That grew from the crack in the concrete?'
Figurative Language
The tone of the poem is brave and lonely. I know that because of lines 6-7 which read '' Long live the rose that grew from the concrete, when no one else ever cared''. Lines 6-7 show bravery and loneliness by saying when no one else ever cared and long live the rose.
According to the dictionary the meaning of the title " The Rose that Grew from the Concrete " is a fragrant flower that became bigger through a material that holds together well and is hard to break through.
I can analyze that the poet, 2Pac, has used figurative language in order to create his poem. "A rose that grew from the crack of the concrete" is a metaphor of the strength within 2Pac
The theme of my poem is that just because something shouldn't happen doesn't mean that it won't.
My Thoughts
The meaning of my poem is very meaningful to me because when i was little I used to think everything was happy. But now I know that its not that easy when you get older. You have responsibilities at school and at home. Also that you have to make the right choices and even if you do bad things might still happen. I also think Tupac wrote this poem to express his feelings about life and how he got through it .
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