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Similarities and Differences between:

No description

Samuel Andrade

on 18 August 2013

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Transcript of Similarities and Differences between:

Similarities and Differences between:
Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin
Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were both dictators, killed millions of people in attempt to start their own nations, and both had secret police and spies. They also wanted to take over the world, blame other groups of people for everything, build better defense systems, and restore power so they could control people. Hitler and Stalin both ruled nations they were not from, industrialized their nations, ran police states, discriminatory, very good military commanders, both had social attacks, and both put in jail for revolutionary activities.

Hitler murdered people and everybody knew it, but Stalin murdered quietly. Hitler had an idea that there was a perfect race, but Stalin didn't think there was a such thing as perfect people. Hitler won an election while Stalin used politics and cunning ways to come into power. Hitler did a lot of speaking in public but Stalin was rarely seen in public. Hitler's aims were more about the restoration of German Pride and Stalin's was more about surviving. Stalin was in power for 29 years but Hitler was only in power for 12. Hitler had war allies while Stalin did not. Hitler hated communism and Stalin believed strongly in communism.


*Economic conditions were poor and rough and unemployment was high
*Social conditions were tough and people were starting to give up on their government
*Adolf Hitler's main goal was to destroy anything that had to do with the Jewish race. Hitler wanted to take over the world and get rid of everyone who didn't fit his perfect Aryan super-race. (To be in his Aryan race you had to be tall, with fair skin and hair, blue eyes and a Christian.) After he finished killing the Jews, he planned to kill every person who was crippled, disabled, ugly, of a different race or nationality, and anyone who didn't fit his perfect race.

*Economic conditions under the real first workers appeared
*He wanted to put the poor into the middle class and created the USSR
*Joseph Stalin wanted to regain the USSR land that he lost in World War I and, little by little, he wanted to take over the world. Stalin also believed in Lenin's ideas that the world needed Communism so his main goal was to make the world communist.
Both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin wanted to take over the world, blame other groups of people for everything, build better defense systems, and restore power so they could control people.
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