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Recrear in Cuba

No description

Gioel Gioacchino

on 18 February 2016

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Transcript of Recrear in Cuba

Youth Engagement in Climate Change Adaptation
Besides research, the workshop also . .

Created new networks

Facilitated a transfer of knowledge

Provided a space for individuals to rethink their own relationship to the environment

Reconnected individuals with the environment by being in nature
Local team of youth researchers
Santiago de Cuba
Santa Clara
participatory research
conducting interviews
creative writing

What are the best practices on grassroots climate change adaptation initiatives in Cuba?
Recrear Team
What is different about the Cuba’s system?

How are Cuban youth compared to youth in other parts of the world?

Cuban Research Team
What is our role in climate change work?

What best practices and interesting initiatives do we have to share?

Not my kind of thing. . .
What are young people’s attitudes towards climate change and environmental work?

River clean-ups every now and again
Relationships to nature: past, present and future
Definitions of climate change
Successful Cuban environmental initiatives
Challenges to youth-led development
Visions of change
Ideas of Success
Youth Researchers add a Cuban lens
'How does our economic development relate to environmental preservation?'
'Are our efforts worth it
since we are such small players?'
Our Research Model
Two Lenses

? Our Why
Cuban Youth and their social reality
Ideas of success
External and internal migration
Isolated leadership
The education vs economic self-sufficiency dilemma
Strong sense of
community and family
Our Objectives
connect youth networks in Cuba to encourage collaboration
Increased exposure to occidental world
Youth Engagement
Participation skills
Good understanding of climate change challenges
a focus on environment

Youth Leadership?
Trabajo de Equipo + Medioambiente =

'To make people responsible for environmental preservation it requires persistent and systematic work'

‘Siento que soy ni mas ni menos de cualquier otra parte de la naturaleza.’

'Uno defiende lo que siente'
Creating a working culture
The Cuban Experience
Thank you! Gracias! Merci!
Follow us on Twitter: @thisisrecrear
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