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Balance of detailed planning and execution - Workshop Intro

Project Management conference 2012 - www.pmkonference.cz

Radek Svarz

on 25 January 2016

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Transcript of Balance of detailed planning and execution - Workshop Intro

A Project Manager
A Stakeholder
For ICT people:
There is
such creature
The Business
4 corporate sources of change demand
1. Corporate center
Just edicts,
no Business Case needed.
Obey "The Golden Rule."
Unpredictable "Volcanic" demand
Mergers and Acquisitions side effects
CEO / CFO / COO axis
2. Business Units
Unpredictable, dynamic, almost limitless "Torrential" demand
Managers with VERY Tough Targets
Original concept by Andy Kyte / Gartner
Many different drivers for change...
Enforced governance can help
the balance
3. Supply side
"Tectonic" demand
IT Risk management (EoS, ...)
Surprises, firefighters and heroes if not managed systematically
4. Architecture
"Holistic" demand
transformation activities
Transition from
Accidental Architecture to
Sustainable Architecture
"Holistic" demand
Volcanic demand
Torrential demand
Tectonic demand
(ICT Operations, support, maintenance)
IT Operational efficiency
Cone of uncertainty
What does it
mean for a PM?
5-12 pages
1 slide
Do you remember?
So why?
Balance of
detailed planning and execution

+420 230 025 001
PM Konference 2012
Radek Švarz
Cone of uncertainty
50-100 pages
20-50 pages
+ other docs
A few pages
Radek Švarz
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