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The Little Prince

No description

Grace Murray

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of The Little Prince

The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Retold by Grace Murray Once upon a time, a man crashed his plane in the desert. He had no food or water and was alone for several days. One day, however, a strange little boy came up to him. The boy asked him to draw a sheep! The boy then told the man that he was not from Earth. He lived on Asteroid B-612. This asteroid only had three volcanoes and a single flower. The Little Prince loved the flower very much. The flower told the Little Prince that she was unique; that she needed to be protected against the wind. But the Little Prince realized she was lying. Heart broken, he left the asteroid. Eventually, he came to Earth, where he found a garden of roses. The Little Prince realized that he loved and missed his flower. So, when a snake offered to send him back, the Little Prince agreed. To the narrator's horror, the snake bit the Little Prince. The next day, however, the narrator couldn't find the Little Prince's body. Thus the narrator believes that the Little Prince is back on his asteroid with his flower. He asks that if any of us meet a strange little boy who asks for a drawing of a sheep that we contact him immediately. He traveled around space and visited many different planets. The first planet he visited was the home of a king. And baobab trees. If these trees grew, they would destroy asteroid B-112. So the Little Prince had to be very careful and pull the roots out before they could grow large. But he was still very happy. The king claimed he ruled the entire universe! However, the Little Prince soon realized that the king had no real power. The next planet the Little Prince visited was the home of a very vain man. This man lived all alone on the asteroid. He insisted that he was the most handsome man in the world. The Little Prince eventually landed on a planet with a geographer. The Little Prince told him about the volcanos, the baobab trees, and the flower. The geographer did not want to know about the flower, as he claimed such things were ephemeral. This made the Little Prince very sad. He realized just how common his flower was, and cried. Along came a fox, who explained to the Little Prince that because he loved and took care of the rose, she was unique. The Little Prince quickly left. He wanted the Little Prince to describe his asteroid. He wanted to return to his asteroid. The Little Prince slowly fell to the ground and did not move.
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