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Like to, want to, need to, have to

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Justyn Illingworth

on 12 January 2016

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Transcript of Like to, want to, need to, have to

Like to, want to, need to, have to
Like to
We use LIKE TO to talk about the things that we enjoy:

I LIKE TO wear jeans during the weekend.

She DOESN'T LIKE TO wear high heels.
Want to
We use WANT TO to talk about the things that we desire or wish:

She WANTS TO wear jeans to work.

We DON'T WANT TO wear a suit to go to the party.
Need to
We use NEED TO when we are talking about something that is a necessity or when we don't have something:

I NEED TO buy food today.

He DOESN'T NEED TO go to the doctor, he is fine.
We use HAVE TO when we are talking about an obligation:

I HAVE TO wear a uniform to work.

We DON'T HAVE TO wear a dress to go to the cinema.
The difference between the four of them is the priority of things:
Something that is very important and the first priority is HAVE TO, the second in importance is NEED TO, the third one is WANT TO, and the last one is LIKE TO.
For example:
I HAVE TO pass the test. I NEED TO study a lot. I WANT TO go to vacation and I DON'T WANT TO study during the summer.
Think of examples of clothes that you NEED TO, WANT TO, LIKE TO, and HAVE TO wear in your house and at work.
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