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20 Facts Religion In Elizabethan Era

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thomas mcguire

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of 20 Facts Religion In Elizabethan Era

The German Martin Luther created a new protestant religion
Fact 2
20 Religion Facts In The Elizabethan Era
There is no legal way for Catholics to practice there religion in the Elizabethan era
Fact 3

Salvation for Catholics is gained by faith
Fact 12
Being Roman Catholic is not a crime, but there is a fine for not conforming to the established religion (protestants).
Fact 4
It is illegal to be a Catholic Priest in Elizabethan England.
Fact 6
Everyone is required to attend church service once a month.
Fact 7
The 'Mass' is a illegal catholic only service.
Fact 8
The rosary, used only by Catholics has no figure of Christ
Fact 9
The Pope's of the Catholics are the heirs of St. Peter
Fact 13
The catholic bible and their rituals are in Latin.
Fact 14
Worship is to god but the prayers go to the Saints in Catholic religion.
Fact 15
The Protestant Churches were destroyed and ragged during the time by Catholics.
Fact 16
The Catholic and Protestant Fighting Destroyed Everything.
Fact 17
The Fights soon led up to the thirty year's war.
Fact 18
Many of the same laws against Catholicism begun during the Elizabethan era
Fact 19
Every church during the Elizabethan Era was a protestant church.
Fact 5
The term 'Atheist' is referred as you don't believe in the same religion as someone else, not they don't believe in any religion.
Fact 11
Protestants referred the roman Catholics as Romanist's.
Fact 10
Queen Elizabeth passed Queen Mary and adhered the Protestant religion and restored it.
Fact 1
Pews were not in churches until the reign of James the first.
Fact 20
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