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Computer Engineer

No description

Tek Magar

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Computer Engineer

Computer Engineering Software
Computer Engineering Software
Name : Tek Magar
class : 3rd
Teacher: Ms. Henry
Spring fall 2015
What is a software computer engineer ?
A software computer engineer integrates electronic
engineering with
computer sciences.
Educational Requirements
Bachelor's degree for entry level
Master's degree for advancement
Dress code requirements
All software computer engineers research, design, develop, test computer and installation.
* What is a software computer engineer?
* What are the skills needed for the career of a software computer engineer?
* What is the salary and pay scale potential for a software computer engineer?
* What are the educational requirements for a software computer engineer?
* What are the advantages to being a software computer engineer?
* What is the future job outlook for a software computer engineer?

Skill Requirements
Critical thinking
Technology design
Time management
Active learning
Lowest salary close to $50,000
Potential to reach over $100,000
Better writing skills
Logical thinker
Be more experienced and skillful
Demand is growing, So it shouldn't be too hard to find a job.
You can easily make your computer's performance better without needing to go to a tech store, and if it breaks down, you will save a lot of money by repearing it yourself.
Future job outlook
Create new computer systems and components
High average salary
Growth experience
Team works and cooperation skill
Basic work skills
Problem solving skills
Interpersonal skills
Professional skills
Organization Awareness
My Interest
Technology - Love to learn about the latest inventions.
Learn new things about the field and computer.
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