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Japanese Horror Stories


Colton Jacks

on 17 April 2013

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Transcript of Japanese Horror Stories

Japanese Horror Stories
By Colton Jacks and Myriah Guirao
Period 1 #1 - The Ritual Of Sachiko-san Sachiko-san is a young girl who went through a traumatic death, the details of which I won't be going into due to school rules. However, in her rage, she gave people a chance for either great fortune between friends, or almost certain death. If you get together with friends, and all hold the paper body together, and just say... "Sachiko-san, onegaishimasu...Sachiko-san, onegaishimasu...Sachiko-san, onegaishimasu..." -And repeat, for however many people are present. After saying that, you all pull apart the paper doll, and there are two outcomes... If you gave the exact number of people present, then you are doomed to spend all eternity in a lifeless embodiment of Sachiko's school, where she was murdered. After pulling the paper apart, you will faint, and wake up in a desolate wasteland, ghost of a school. Separated from your friends who you were with, you're destined to die there from hunger, starvation, insanity, or some more...direct means of death. However, if you say the names of everybody there - plus one more for Sachiko, then you and your friends are destined to have great luck and be together for long times. How nice~! Not only that, but when you die, you don't leave. Your soul wanders the school grounds, simply... Forgotten. #2 The Kuchisake-onna "Am I...pretty...?" The legend of KuchiSake-onna has many tales, her mouth deformity being from a husband, bus, doctor, whomever, she still has one question on her mind Watashi....Kirei? She will pop up out of nowhere wearing a surgical mask, holding a pair of crimson scissors, and asks this. Now, you can either say yes, or no, can't you? Answer no, and she immediately decapitates you with the pair of scissors, the origin of the crimson becoming clear now. However, answer yes, and she will take off her surgical mask, revealing a mouth, slit from ear to ear. You are now faced with another question: "Am I now...?" Say no, and your fate is immediate decapitation using the pair of bloodied scissors. Say yes? That will only lead to her wanting to make you look like her, slicing your mouth from ear to ear, and leaving you on the spot Running away now is useless, she has you in her sights. If you run away, she will chase you, and she will catch you, severing your body into two. What are you to do now? There are several things to say now, one of which is simply saying "You're okay looking." This will leave her confused. Confused enough to where you can run and hide without her looking, thus granting your escape. If you happen to be a candy lover, however... Then give her some candy. She'll simply eat it, and be too distracted to care for you anymore, thus once again, granting your escape. Targeting children, her scare streak began in the summer of 1979, when there were so many reports of her, there was an increase in police surveillance at night in Japan. Not only that, but a rule was implemented where a teacher was required to walk his/her students home every night. There have been reports of her in Japan and Korea, her reports spreading from 1979 to even up to October of 2007. I apologize for the brevity of this presentation, but, due to time limitations, that will be all. Thank you for watching!!! Pictures - Google images
Stories -
Kuchisake-onna: http://www.scaryforkids.com/kuchisake-onna/
The Ritual Of Sachiko-san: http://www.corpsepartypsp.com/ Fin
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