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Copy of WBHS Class of 2017

Senior Information Night

Danielle Hubbard

on 24 August 2017

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Transcript of Copy of WBHS Class of 2017

WBHS Class of 2018
Senior Information Night
Who to Know
Cory Peppers, A-Har
Danielle Hubbard, Has-Pa
Christina Lowe, Pe-Z
Mary Boykin, 9th Grade
Career Center: Liz Long
Principal: Dr. Al Darby
Assistant Principals:
Rob McFerrin, Athletic Director
Craig Martin, Curriculum
Barbara Smith, Attendance
Records Clerk: Gwen Tilley
Registrar: Lori McElroy
Counseling Seniors
Personal/social counseling
Testing, graduation requirements, conferences, scheduling, credit recovery
Dual Enrollment advisement
College/Career Planning
Scholarships, recommendation letters, admissions information, career exploration
Community resources
Upcoming Events
Peach State Tour
: Registration required
August 23, 6:00-8:00, UGA Chapel
August 28, 6:00-8:00, Lakeview Academy in Gainesville
PROBE College Fair
: September 6, 8:30-10:30 AM @ Apalachee HS
Underclassmen Night
(10th-11th): September 12, 6:00
College Essentials Night

& College Goal GA:
(SAT/ACT/Financial Aid, FAFSA): November 14, Time TBD
Apply to College Week
November 13-16
Week-long activities to encourage & excite students about applying to college
College Admissions Panel
College Student Panel
College Goal GA
Apply to College Days
Graduation Requirements
Minimum 24 Credits including:
4 Language Arts
4 Math
4 Science
4 Social Studies
3 Pathway Courses
1 Health & P.E.
4 General Electives
Optional: 2 Foreign Language REQUIRED for 4-year colleges in GA

Seeing your counselor
Online Appointment Scheduler
Ask A Counselor Wednesday
Parents: Contact your child's counselor through phone or e-mail.
Graduation Testing
Georgia Milestones
9th Grade Lit
11th Grade Lit
Physical Science
US History
What's Next?
4 Year College/University
Bachelor's Degree
2 Year/Junior College
Associate Degree
Technical College
Associate Degree, Diploma Programs, Certificate Programs
Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, Navy
Full-time job, Apprenticeships, Specialized training
"What should
we be doing now?"
Build a college list
5-8 schools; "Safety, Match, Reach"
Create a master list/calendar
Visit campuses on official tours or do virtual tours
Plan your testing dates & gather waivers if needed
Make an appointment with your counselor or Ms. Long
Begin working on Brag Sheets
"What do colleges consider?"
Building a College List
Consider the following:
Campus size/student population
Location: City, suburban, rural
Cost: Tuition, Financial Aid, Scholarships
Programs & Majors Offered
On-campus activities: Greek life, sports, intramurals/club sports
Where to Apply
Safety schools: 1 to 2
Student will almost certainly be admitted
Match schools: 3 to 4
Student's GPA, test scores, other credentials "match" those of recent entering classes
Reach schools: 1 to 2
Student meets criteria for admission but credentials are below those of recent classes
See "Georgia Admissions Statistics" in Handout
College Entrance Exams
Plan ahead, study, and DO NOT WAIT to take your exams!
4-Year Colleges: SAT or ACT
Our recommendation: Take both (EARLY), choose one to take again to raise scores
Keep SAT redesign in mind
Select schools when you register
Technical Schools: SAT, ACT, or Accuplacer
Military: ASVAB (Spring)
Contact Ms. Long in the CRC for
waivers if on free/reduced lunch.
Contact Ms. Long in the CRC for
waivers if on free/reduced lunch.
ASVAB Information
Career exploration program
Requirement for military entry
Identify interests &provide information about verbal, math, science, and technical skills
March test date
See Ms. Long in the CRC to sign up
More info: www.asvabprogram.com
Multiple-choice, untimed, computerized
Math/Algebra & Reading/Writing
Register at the college/technical school you plan to attend
Financial Aid Planning
Financial Aid 101, HOPE Program, Calculators, Scholarship search, Applications
Webinars for parents, Scholarship search, Cost estimators, Loan information
Attend College Essentials Night/College Goal GA - November 14
HOPE Program
HOPE Scholarship
: 4-year colleges
Must have minimum 3.0 HOPE GPA (LA, SS, Math, Science, FL)
Pays approx. 85% tuition @ public institutions (does NOT include room, board, books, etc)
Also awarded at private schools, amounts vary
Zell Miller Scholarship
: 4-year colleges
Must have min. 3.7 HOPE GPA
1200 SAT or 26 ACT in
test sitting
Pays 100% tuition @ public institutions
Also awarded at private schools, amounts vary
HOPE Grant
: 2-year institutions
No HS GPA minimum, must maintain 2.0 during program
Covers a portion of tuition (see GSFC.org)
Zell Miller Grant
: 2-year institutions
No HS GPA minimum, must maintain 3.5 during program
Covers standard tuition based on instutution
WBHS Counseling Website
bit.ly/wbhscounseling -> "College and Career"
-> "Scholarships"
See Ms. Long in the CRC
Visit websites to use Scholarship Searches
Download the app! Search "Scholly" in iTunes
Sending Transcripts
In-State Schools
Submit through GAFutures.0rg
Free & immediate
Out-of-State Schools**
Request a transcript from Ms. Long in the CRC
Hard copies for other purposes**
Request a transcript from Ms. Long in the CRC
See "College Application Process at WBHS" in handout
Request 2 weeks BEFORE your deadline
Pick up
2 Teacher Evaluation
forms and a
Brag Sheet
from our office OR on our website
Turn in detailed forms to your counselor
Inform us before you submit our information!
Do not supply recommendations if the institution does not ask for them!
Final Notes
"Important Resources"
on back page of handout.
Colleges can and DO review records
you've been admitted--
don't give up
is KEY.
Turn in your
with key players.
questions. MAKE appointments! We are here to help!
Parent Portal
Keep up with
important dates
--copies of calendar here & on WBHS website.
NEW Tiered Diploma

32 Credits = Diploma with Highest Distinction
Cord at graduation, diploma seal
32 credits or passed every attempted course (i.e. transfers)
28 Credits = Diploma with distinction
Diploma seal
24 Credits = Diploma
Objective to get to 28
Recommended SST/RTI/IEP meetings before student is on 24-credit plan
*Only for students entering 2013 and after.
Stay Connected!
WBHS Facebook: fb.me/wbhsdoggs
WBHS Twitter: @TweetDoggs
Counseling Office Remind: Text @wbcounsel to 81010
How to Apply to College
Most in-state schools
"College Planning" then "Applications and Transcripts"
College/university website
Common Application
Four fee waivers per exam available if on free/reduced lunch (see Ms. Long); MUST sit for exam
Same log-in credentials as GACollege411
Quick Poll!
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