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Percy Jackson

No description

Braeden Slade

on 17 October 2013

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Transcript of Percy Jackson

Percy Jackson
Percy Jackson is honorably one of the most well known and greatest heroes in modern times. He displayed the courage and bravery necessary to go on a dangerous quest to save his mom from Hades and sort out the issue surrounding Zeus's lightning bolt. He had the wisdom to find the true lightning thief and expose him to the Gods. If it had not been for Percy, the land of the gods, as well as the human world, would have been in total chaos.
Lastly, Percy goes through the return sequence in Joseph Cambell's monomyth in his heroic journey. These include crossing the return threshold.
In conclusion, Percy Jackson has proven that he is worthy enough to hold the title of a hero. He experiences the three main sequences of Joseph Cambell's monomyth, which are separation, initiation, and return. He has displayed the qualities of a true hero through his courageous acts and feats of bravery. Percy may well be one of the greatest heroes in literary history.
Percy Jackson experiences different forms of separation including crossing the first threshold, and call to adventure.
Crossing First Threshold
Claim: The story Percy is actually uniquely different than most stories. He actually crosses the first threshold before he ever receives the call to adventure.

Evidence: Percy is asked to be pardoned by Mrs. Dodds, a substitute teacher. Mrs. Dodds turns out to be what is called a fury, which in greek mythological terms, is a demon that tortures someone. The fury then attacks Percy and asks for Zeus's lightning bolt.

Reasoning: This is the first threshold because this is his first issue that he encounters on his epic quest to discovering the true lightning thief.

Rebuttal: Some may argue that the first threshold for Percy is when he encounters the minotaur, but I believe that since this event occurred first, even though it wasn't as deadly as the minotaur, it would be correctly identified as the first threshold.
Claim: After Percy arrives at Camp Half Blood and trains for some time, Hades appears out of a burst of fire in the camp fire and says that if Percy ever wants to see his mother again, he must give the lightning bolt to him. This is his call to adventure.

Evidence: After this event, Percy ventures to the underworld as soon as he can in an attempt to prove his innocence. He even disobeys Chiron's orders. Chrion specifically said "We will wait for the perfect time and then, we will do everything to prove your innocence."

Reasoning: The reasoning behind this is the fact that Percy was originally going to wait and let Chiron (the leader of the satyrs) explain his innocence, but if he waited, Hades would have killed his mother. This is most likely the reason why Percy ever embarks on this journey.

Rebuttal: Some may disagree and say that when Poseidon tells Percy telepathically that his life is about to change is the real call to adventure, However, I believe that that is too vague of an event to be considered the call to adventure.
Call To Adventure
Along with encountering the separation sequence of a hero's journey, he also experiences the initiation step. He experiences temptation and the ultimate boon.
Claim: In Percy's Quest, he enters what is called the Lotus Casino. It is based off of the lotus eater legend in greek mythology, which is if you eat a lotus flower, you never want to leave the vicinity in which you ate the flower. Percy then experiences the temptation to never leave.

Evidence: Percy eats the lotus flower along with his friends, and becomes delusional and has no judgment of time.

Reasoning: At this point in time, Percy must overcome the temptation the flower puts upon him and must find a way to break away from its power and leave the casino.

Rebuttal: Some may argue this statement because Percy fell for temptation by eating the lotus flower in the casino in the first place, but I believe even though he ate the flower, he still overcame the driving temptation to stay there forever.
The Ultimate Boon
Claim: Percy's quest leads up to the ultimate boon in which he must confront Hades and explain his innocence, hoping that Hades will let his mother go.

Evidence: Percy finally reaches the underworld after a long and treacherous journey to prove his innocence.

Reasoning: This is Percy's main goal in the story, to prove that he does not have possession of the bolt, and to save his mother from Hades's wrath.

Rebuttal: Some may not agree with this and state that the ultimate boon is when Percy returns the bolt to Zeus, but this is not the ultimate boon because Percy's goal was never to find the bolt and return it to Zeus, it was in fact just to prove his innocence to Hades and save his mom, and then to ask Zeus to accept the fact that he is not the lightning thief.
Crossing The Return Threshold
Claim: Once Percy finds the bolt, he must go to Mt. Olympus and return the bolt to Zeus and fight Luke. This is the Return Threshold.

Evidence: Percy must fight Luke in order to progress further to Mt. Olympus.

Reasoning: Even though Percy finishes his main goal, which is to save his mother, he now must face his final challenge, fighting, and defeating Luke.
Freedom to Live
Claim: Once Percy returns the lightning bolt, he clears his name as well as his father's, and saves his mother. He is then granted the freedom to live.

Evidence: This is proven when Zeus states "There will be no war between the gods, we remain at peace for now."

Reasoning: Percy is now able to live freely without the worry of Zeus attacking him or his father, Poseidon.
Percy Jackson is a true hero because he goes through the three sequences of Joseph Cambell's Monomyth which are seperation, initiation, and return
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