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Water-Cycle Prezi

No description

Grace A.

on 3 March 2013

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Transcript of Water-Cycle Prezi

Condensation Evaporation The
Water-Cycle The change in which a liquid changes into gaseous form. Jovan The change in which water vapor is converted to a liquid. Jovan The change in which water droplets in the air fall to the ground as rain, snow, sleet, or hail. Jovan Made with Before After Twice upon a water droplet, a water drop named Jovan was sent down from the stream on the mountain. He gradually drifted down the stream into Lake Erie.
One Saturday evening, Jovan and many other water droplets rose up from the lake as water vapor. The water vapor hovering above the lake was fogging up the area. Jovan started colliding up with the other water vapor that were rising in the air. Soon, Jovan felt queezy. He felt like his thin vapory insides were changing back into slippery water.
As the water droplets gradually elevated into the air, Jovan condensed into clouds with billions of water droplets. The water vapor formed a cloud and the cloud was very light. Time went by, and the cloud was massively heavy once many water droplets gathered in it. Soon, the thin outer layer of the cloud tore and caused the water droplets to flea.
The temperature in the air was cold and had low pressure occurring along with it. Jovan felt like he was compressed into a tight space. His particles were closely packed together. He fell real fast towards the ground and was in the solid form, also known as hail. Jovan could see the surface beneath him. 3...2...1...CRASH!! Jovan banged the ground and met a friend named Troy. Troy was very nice, but had a lot of chipped edges around him.
All is well ends well. Troy and Jovan were best friends and when they precipitated, they always seemed to end up in the same place. Jovan was a happy little drop of water that would stay young forever.

The End Precipitation Jovan Troy Made by Grace and Tara Follow us on
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