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CORTknowledge Guided Tour


Michael Miles

on 12 May 2009

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Transcript of CORTknowledge Guided Tour

Guided Tour The home page of CORTknowledge contains 99% of what you need to get started with your training. Click on the next arrow to find out what each section means to you... First, the Job Profiles section informs you of how your account is currently set up.

All training assigned to you is directly related to your current Job. Each job falls within a Job Profile. In order to ensure you are up to date in your training, you want to make sure this is correct.

If you are a new employee and this area is blank or you are a current employee and it is incorrect from a recent job change, create a change order by simply clicking on the link:

"Request a Job Profile Change"

The link "What is a Job Profile?" will give you detailed information on what Job Titles are related to which Job Profiles as this varies with each Division and Department of CORT.
Job Profiles Overview Click the right arrow button to move you Forward through this Tour Now with Orientation expanded you can see that it contains two online courses.

Notice that both of these courses were completed (Status is 'COMPLETED').

Once each course within a Dev Plan is set to Completed, then the Dev Plan's 'Overall Status' is set to COMPLETED. NOTE: Your supervisor is the one who determines exactly how much training you need. He/She bases this on your past experience and current job skills. Please meet with your Manager if you haven't done so already to find out what your Training Plan is! The New and Popular section provides you with the new and popular training modules. The newest module will always be on top.

The popular courses will be refreshed on an annual basis and depends on your input from the course reviews! Onsite Training and Events is first being used to track PSS courses for CFR Sales and will be used for many future courses and events throughout CORT The Find Training section is your gateway to all the other available
training modules housed in CORTknowledge.

Highlighted in Red is the CORT Course Catalog which comprises of all the courses created by CORT.

The Desktop Application course catalog contains the courses available for you to brush up your skills in applications like Word or Excel.

The RTR V2 training is now in a Training Guide/Manul format found on the Wiki, we have a link directly to it for your convenience.

And finally is a link to the Furniture Fundamentals website and instructions on how to log in.

This may or may not be part of your Training Plan, you need to check with your supervisor on if/when this training should happen for you. And last but not least! Where to go for help!

Throughout CORTknowledge, you will find Help & Information sections that have context
sensitive information.

What context sensitive means is that simply the questions and answers found relate directly
to the area of the Learning Management System that you are in.

As an example, if you are on the Course Catalog page, you will find answers to common
questions about courses only.

Try it out! And as always, the real technical stuff is handled by our Help Desk, we always
have a handy link to their number and email address. [You may now close this window] Click here to start! Your Scheduled Training Your Scheduled Training is based directly on your Job Profile.

Each line item is referred to as a Development Plan.

Each Dev Plan can consist of a single online course, or many courses.

By clicking on '+' you expand a Dev Plan to see it's contents.

Click the next arrow and we'll see what the contents of the Orientation Dev Plan are...
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