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Annotating Poem-I ask my mother to sing

Poem annotating-I ask my mother to sing_by Stella Kim

Stella Kim

on 10 May 2011

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Transcript of Annotating Poem-I ask my mother to sing

I ask my mother to sing Annotating poem By stella kim
HOw the waterlilies fill with rain Both women have begun to cry Imagery The picnickers running away in the grass He would play his accordion and sway like a boat About the speaker Speaker: The speaker might be 20~30s chinese American and the speaker's grandmother is from china. There are no rhyme
scheme in this poem and
the author created this poem
in a way of alerting the readers with a good moral. He used one poetic device: which is a metaphor, used in the 3rd paragraph, "But I love to hear it sung; How the waterlilies fill with rain until they overturn, spilling water into the water, then rock back, and fill with more."
This represents the descendants filling again and again. This poem shows a sad, gloomy mood
about remembering their birth place where
they haven't even went.
Ex) both women have begun
to cry but neither stops her
Ex) If my father were alive, he
would play his accordian
and sway like a boat Theme: Never forget where you're from
This theme is important in our life because
It tells you to not forget your nationality and
even though you are living somewhere else
and using a different language, your blood is
still who you are. In the 2nd paragraph, the author is telling that he never been in Peking, or the Summer palace, which is telling he never been to china even though he is chinese American
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