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Copy of Literature Circles With a Twist

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Sherrie Berry

on 12 February 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Literature Circles With a Twist

Literature Circles with a Twist
How does it work?
It can evolve to fit the needs and skills of your students.
Where do I get the books?
Think outside the box
Response to the Literature is the key to evaluating the students' engagement.
Higher Order Questions
It's collaborative & student centered.
Flexible and easy to differentiate.
Why Lit Circles?
Small groups of students gather to discuss a piece of literature in depth.
Discuss the author's craft and make personal connections.
Writing, Drawing, blogging, creating, questioning, and wondering are ways the students can express their understanding of the text!
Let them get creative to show what they know!
Projects! Foldables! Choices!
Give this classic method a modern twist!
Add technology!
Use it with any genre!
Celebrate Reading!
The Hunger Games
Librarians can provide sets of books!
Sets of 3-5 will work!
Poems?? Why not??
Expository texts.
digital sticky notes on Linoit.com
Give it a try!
Inspire them!
Sherrie Berry
Deeper understanding!
Spiral the Figure 19 TEKS
data driven???
Low Tech or High Tech
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