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Grumpy cat is where it's at


Elizabeth Kahler

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Grumpy cat is where it's at

Finally We will revolutionize campaigning by legalizing soft money and will make elections more party-centered rather than candidate-centered. Grumpy Cat GRUMPY CAT FOR PRESIDENT Grumpy Cat is known for being
one who tells it how it is. Known
worldwide, Grumpy Cat has gained
over 6 million fans. With numerous
Youtube videos and numerous parody
twitter accounts, Grumpy Cat is loved
by all to tell you the cold, hard truth. Organization The Staff for the Grumpy
Cat Campaign consist of the
following members and their

Fundraising: Garfield
Advertising Specialist:
Tiff the Cat Kahler
Press Secretary: Cat in the Hat
Travel Scheduler: Cheshire Cat
Pollster: Sylvester Grumpy Cat is Where it's At. Grumpy Cat will attempt to front load its campaign over the year and a half time period. The tone of the campaign will likely be negative, telling the American people the cold hard truth. The theme of the campaign will be "honesty" because Grumpy Cat will tell everyone how it really is. Fundraising: The C.A.T. PAC The C.A.T. (Cats of America Together) PAC will help raise money to support the Grumpy Cat Campaign. Grumpy Cat is wealthy and will be able to make self-contributions to his own campaign. Also, Grumpy Cat will earn individual contributions from his many admirers. The BCRA did restrict the use of soft money that could be put towards helping the party. Grumpy Cat's negative, mudslinging spots and other advertisements will also be limited within 30 days before the primary election and the 60 days before the general election. Targeted Demographics. In order to win, Grumpy Cat will need these 5 demographic groups:
The elderly, women, low income citizens, Hispanics, and Asians.
During the primary elections, the Grumpy Cat Campaign will aim to attract elderly citizens, conservatives, and minorities.
The general election will aim to attract independents and low income citizens. Campaign Advertisement Tiff the Cat Kahler will serve on
the Grumpy Cat Campaign as the
advertising specialist. Tiff is well
known on social networking sites,
especially Facebook where she has
her own page. Tiff is a personable cat
and is easily approachable and likable. The Cat in the Hat will serve as the press secretary on the Grumpy Cat Campaign. He is a cheerful cat who is a good entertainer. Sylvester will serve on the Grumpy Cat Campaign as the pollster. He shows a lot of pride and persistence in his character. As pollster, he will be able to design and take polls. Cheshire Cat will serve on the Grumpy Cat Campaign as the travel scheduler. Cheshire Cat is always on the move, appearing and disappearing constantly. Garfield is in charge of fundraising on the Grumpy Cat Campaign. Garfield is a very talented and humerus cat. Mudslinging The Grumpy Cat Campaign will focus on valance issues, mainly economic injustice.
Advantages of visuals, spots, and debates:
The country gets to see and note different characteristics in the candidates. The visuals are full of information, spots give a short and meaningful message, and debates allow us to see both sides of a point.
Disadvantages of visuals, sports, and debates:
Opposing candidates can bash your campaign with one ad. Also, the media will critique each and every mistake a candidate makes on TV.
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